Accommodation, council tax and Oyster cards

Learn how interrupting your studies can impact your accommodation, council tax and Oyster card.

UCL Accommodation

UCL Accommodation will be notified if you interrupt or withdraw from your studies. You will be required to leave UCL Halls within 14 days from the date of your withdrawal or interruption from UCL.

You are responsible for paying accommodation fees until the later of:

  • the date you leave your Accommodation and return your keys; and
  • the date that official confirmation is received from Student Records that you have withdrawn or interrupted from UCL.

For inquiries regarding UCL Accommodation, Log into AskUCL and follow these steps:

  • Select Log an Enquiry
  • Choose accommodation from the categories

Learn more about UCL Accommodation

Private student accommodation

The implications of your interruption will depend on your provider.

You will need to review your rental agreement and discuss your circumstances with an appropriate staff member for your accommodation. You may be required to leave the accommodation because you are no longer a registered student.

It is likely you will be liable for some fees and in some cases, you may be required to find a replacement tenant.  

    Private accommodation

    If you live in private accommodation, it is unlikely there will be an obligation for you to leave following a change to your student status.

    However, you may choose to leave and return home, in which case, you must consider the terms of your tenancy agreement and what this means for you. This can be complex and confusing, so we strongly recommend you seek advice from UCLU Rights and Advice.

    If you decide to stay in your private accommodation, it is important to note that as you are no longer a full-time student, you may be required to pay Council Tax and you will stop receiving student maintenance and accommodation loans. 

    The University of London Housing Services and Students’ Union UCL Advice Service can offer you further guidance and advice on this.

    Council tax

    Expiry of your 18+ student Oyster photocard

    Once you interrupt or withdraw from your studies, we are required to report this to Transport for London (TfL). You will no longer be eligible for the 18+ Oyster photocard.