Considerations for returning students

We will contact you three months before you are due to return to begin the Return to Study process.

During this time, you will be able to re-engage with your programme team, module organisers and other students. Your access to facilities, buildings and services will be reinstated. Access to some specialist facilities such as laboratories may be restricted, so check with your department if this applies to you. 

You will not be able to attend formal taught sessions or activities and will not receive formal teaching. However, you can seek advice on academic matters and attend staff office hours.

Considerations for returning students

Consider whether you want to have a discussion with your department about:

  • Arranging keeping-in-touch days
  • Attending office hours
  • Going through the Return to Study Plan with your department to make sure it is still appropriate
  • Checking the Return to Study Plan to make sure you know about any assessments which might be due soon after you return
  • Checking whether there have been any changes to your programme or to individual modules while you have been away 
  • Introducing you to your new class, if you give your consent to this
  • Thinking about any start of term or induction events that you could attend
  • If you are a first year student, whether you would benefit from a Transition Mentor. If you are in a later year, could the department help you find a buddy or mentor?
  • Making sure you complete important tasks such as re-enrolment and module selection
  • Ensuring you put arrangements in place for fees, funding, scholarships etc.
  • Making arrangements for a new visa, if you need one
  • Checking whether you need to attend a Return to Study Welfare Review
  • Thinking about whether you would benefit from ongoing Reasonable Adjustments, or other help from Student Support and Wellbeing
  • Making sure you know about the support services available to you, such as the Student Centre and AskUCL
  • Registering with a GP
  • Applying for accommodation, council tax and 18+ Oyster photocards
  • Arranging an informal catch-up one month after your return