Visa and immigration requirements for interrupting students

Visa advice and support

For queries regarding visa advice or CAS, log into askUCL, select Log an Enquiry and choose Visa Advice or CAS from the categories.

Interrupting your studies

If you hold a Tier 4 or Student visa, you are obliged to leave the UK for the duration of your interruption.  UCL is required to inform the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) of any changes to your student status and withdraw sponsorship of your visa. Once your interruption has been processed, you will receive an email to confirm that sponsorship has been withdrawn and it is advised that you should leave the UK within 60 days of UCL’s report to UKVI.

Returning to study

If you require a visa to study in the UK and are returning to study, you will need to apply for a new Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS).  Once you have re-engaged with department to confirm your return to study at UCL, you can then apply for this CAS from the UCL Student Immigration Compliance team in order to apply for a new Student visa before you return to UCL. To request a new CAS, please submit a CAS Request Form to the Student Immigration Compliance team via AskUCL.  If your return was subject to a Student Support and Wellbeing Welfare Review, you will need to satisfy their requirements before they can refer you to the Student Immigration Compliance team for a new CAS.