Three things you like about yourself

12 October 2021

In celebration of this year’s World Mental Health Day, we asked students passing through the Student Centre to write three things that they liked about themselves.

Students around a pin board with post its

Constant self-criticism is not fun, but it can happen daily for many of us. So, disrupting that inner monologue can be a challenge and might feel a bit strange. Suddenly, you might go from thinking about what you’re not good at or what you need to do better, to thinking, actually, I’m not so bad at this!

UCL students took on the challenge and there were some brilliant post its. Here we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting, wholesome and questionable. Like the UCL students you are, there was plenty of focus on being hardworking and intelligent. We agree this is important – but remember it’s not the be all and end all: you are far more than your studies. A common theme was around empathy and caring for others, and we are thrilled to see this! These qualities are those that will help us to make a fairer, more equitable and more positive world. There were also lots of qualities centring on physical looks – and smiles were our favourites.

Post its: three things i like about myself

We even had students complimenting their culinary skills: rice pudding, sandwiches (and pies), and spring rolls all got a mention. And finally, we truly felt seen by the students that recognised their Netflix bingeing skills and giving good hugs.

Remember that reminding yourself what you like about yourself is important: negative self-talk can really get you down. Take a moment to think about what makes you who you are, and what you value about yourself. Struggling? Ask a trusted friend.

Post its: three things i like about myself

If you’d like a helping hand with anything you’re struggling with, Student Support and Wellbeing is here for you. Contact us for an appointment with an adviser or register with Student Counselling and Psychological Services.