Top free fitness apps to help you stay active

12 May 2020

If you need some extra motivation to keep active during the coronavirus outbreak, here are some of the best fitness apps which offer at least a portion of their features without a paid subscription.

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Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, here are some of our recommended apps:

If you enjoy walking and running...

C25K Pro

Best for: Beginners

This app is perfect if you are just getting started or need some motivation to find a routine.  The app consists of various cardio workouts that change weekly. In following the app’s schedule, you’ll be completing a series of 30-minute cardio workouts 3 times a week for 8 weeks.

Availability: iOS and Android


Map My Run

Most: User-friendly

The free features of this app are perfect if you’re a casual runner, and it allows you to track your runs by measuring your distance, pace, calorie burn and elevation.  You can also take part in challenges with other runners, record your workouts and explore preloaded routines.

Availability: iOS and Android


Nike Run Club

Best for: Regular runners

For the more experienced, Nike Run Club has the tools you need to run better.  Features include audio guided runs, weekly, monthly and custom distance challenges, customised coaching plans and nonstop motivation from your friends.

Availability: iOS and Android


If you enjoy yoga...

Yoga For Beginners

Best for: Beginners

Offering a selection of yoga routines, the classes on this app range from 7-14 minutes, which makes it great for a quick workout for those new to yoga practice.  In addition to 16 free yoga classes, the app also allows you to track your previous workouts and daily weight. 

Availability: iOS and Android


Lotus Yoga

Best for: Regular yogis

This app provides a library of yoga poses and sequences for easy reference. You’ll also find a selection of classes sorted by theme, focus and level, as well as a variety of yoga programs that range from 1 to 5 weeks.

Availability: iOS and Android


Simply Yoga

Most: User-friendly

This app is simple to use and contains 6 level1 yoga routines that step you through each pose, as well as streaming yoga classes. Each pose is demonstrated by a certified instructor, so simply choose your workout length depending on how much time you have.

Availability: iOS and Android


If you enjoy workouts...

7 Minute Workout

Best for: No equipment

This app lets you create custom routines, view your stats and challenge friends to complete workouts alongside you.  There are a few free workout routines in the library, but you’ll always have access to a constantly-changing “freestyle” routine in the workout tab.

Availability: iOS and Android



Best for: The best collection of free workouts

By entering your personal details and goals into this app, it creates a personalised schedule of classes for you.  Alternatively, you can browse available free workouts by target area, length or intensity.  This app also has a meals tab if you want to keep track of your nutrition too.

Availability: iOS and Android


Map My Fitness

Best for: Fitness pros

Similar to Map My Run, this app allows you to track a variety of activity types including cardio, gym workouts, dog walking, hiking, sports, total body, yoga and more. Once you’ve selected the activity type, click “Start workout” to track your duration, distance, calories and more. 

Availability: iOS and Android