Getting the most out of online learning

24 March 2020

At a time when education across the world has temporarily shifted into the digital sphere, it helps to reflect on how you can get the most out of online learning.


Here are some top tips to help get you started.

1. Figure out when you learn best

Everyone is different, and if you're a morning person you might want to make time to study first thing.  If you're a night owl, set aside an hour or two after dinner instead. Try to watch recorded lectures at a time that works best for you and you'll find that you can absorb content much more effectively. 

2. Practice time management

The flexibility to create your own schedule can sound very appealing, but that freedom can also be detrimental if you don't have solid time management skills. The internet is swarming with time management resources - why not put on the Pomodoro Tracker or download the Forest app to help you stay focused! 

3. Hold yourself accountable

Set yourself weekly goals and check in with yourself regularly to make sure you're on track. If you're having trouble holding yourself responsible, this is also a prime opportunity to work with friends. Why not arrange a group call whilst you work on the same content and learn from each other. 

4. Eliminate distractions

From Netflix to social media and dishes piling up in the sink, you'll be faced with many distractions whilst studying from home. To get the most out of your study time, try leaving your phone out of arms' reach and turnign off your notifications. Putting on some coffee shop noise such as coffitivity.com is also a great way to drown out distracting noise. 

5. Actively participate

Make sure you're checking in with your friends and tutors as often as you can. Microsoft Teams is a great way to stay in touch through messaging and group calls. Everyone is in the same boat, so don't hesitate to reach out for support!  .

6. Mimic your real lectures

When watching a lecture, why not try splitting your screen so that you have a Word document, for note taking, on one side and your lecturer or recording on the other. In doing so, this creates an environment much like what you would have in person.. 

7. Take proper breaks

You'll be much more productive if you take regular breaks and give yourself time to do an activity that will distract you from work. Activities such as exercising, calling a friend, painting or getting some fresh air will give your mind a much needed rest from studying! 

8. Embrace new ways of learning

You may find that some of your online teaching is being delivered using Moodle Blackboard Collaborate. This is a fantastic tool which will allow you to interact in a refreshing, novel environment, with a chat facility to comment and ask questions. If you missed something, there's no need to worry, as on Moodle you'll be able to catch up and review the recorded lectures when it suits you! 

Stella Buhalis, Jessica Maya Jones and Joanna Pruchniewska, Global Ambassadors