8 ways to look after yourself this winter break

3 December 2020

If you're unsure of how to look after yourself effectively this winter, don't worry! We have 8 ways you can keep yourself safe, warm and happy.

girl in snow

With the temperatures dropping and the longer nights setting in, looking after yourself can become a challenge. The change in seasons is a great time to reflect on ways you can keep yourself healthy and warm, as well as taking steps towards ensuring you are safe over the holidays.

Wrap up warm

When you’re heading out remember to layer up as well as grabbing your coat, hat, scarf and gloves. While you’re out, remember to stop by your favourite café to grab plenty of hot fluids such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate and soup.

Eat and drink well

During the winter our bodies will gravitate towards richer foods. Try to avoid the sugar and allow yourself to indulge in high quality nuts, seeds, dairy and dried fruits. Taking on plenty of fluids is also important to keep ourselves hydrated and to regulate body temperature.

Follow the sun

Let the sun be your lead. As the days get shorter shift your sleep routine so that you go to bed earlier, allowing yourself more time to rest and repair.

Keep active

The unpleasant weather can often make it difficult to find the motivation to keep active. Swapping your outdoor activities for indoor ones will help you to remain healthy throughout winter. You could try your hand at yoga, dance, badminton and/or squash - check out Project Active for their weekly sessions.

Treat yourself

As a season of giving, remember to also treat yourself! Whether that be grabbing a hot chocolate with extra cream or buying yourself a little something special – go for it!

Make back up plans

If you’re planning to do thing or go somewhere over the holidays, remember this year things are a little different. Make sure you plan your travel plans carefully and are mindful of keeping yourself, your loved ones and your community safe by following our guidance

SOS (Save Our Skin)

Cold air and heating can dry out the skin so stay moisturised. Eating dark leafy greens as well as red and yellow vegetables can help the skin looking healthy as they are high in antioxidants.

Step into the light

The shorter days and less daylight can affect our normal circadian rhythm as our hormones are thrown off track. Being out and about during daylight hours can help to boost your mood – a form of light therapy!

By Caroline Brown, Mental Health Coordinator

Updated by Student Support and Wellbeing, December 2020