Nothing compares - stop the habit of comparison

29 March 2019

We all know that one person – someone who excels in all aspects that you begin to compare yourself to, and as much as you try to keep up, you just cannot. Olivia shares 4 ways in which you can learn to embrace who you are and stop the habit of comparing yourself to others.

man looking at reflection in mirror

Comparing ourselves to others is something we all suffer from and it’s unfair on yourself to do so. Instead, you should look at your own strengths and see that as an individual you have so much to offer the world and be happy about. It’s important that we learn how to see our own value and individuality. Here’s four steps that can help you on the journey to stop comparing yourself to others:

1. Be mindful of how social media exaggerates perfection

Social media platforms constantly bombard us with people’s best moments. This can easily cause self-doubt, frustration and feelings of inadequacy. You need to keep in mind that people only share the highlights of their life and that it’s human nature to compare our worst moments with someone else’s best. It’s always good to remind yourself that people don’t normally share their worst moments in the same way and that the individuals you ‘look up to’ probably feel the same way when they scroll through their timelines.

2. Be thankful

Don’t concentrate on your weaknesses. Appreciate yourself and focus on your strengths! Celebrate the things you’re good at, what you’ve achieved, your incredible friends and family etc. Be thankful for all things big and small. You are unique and no one can do exactly what you do! Remember it’s also very likely that someone out there is comparing themselves to your life.

3. Turn comparison into inspiration

We tend to only hone in on other people’s success as a final product. We do not often consider the work they put in behind the scenes. For example, if you find yourself comparing your essay mark to someone else’s, think about if they spent longer preparing and working on it than you did. Don’t let other people’s achievements get you down; let it open the doors to motivation and endless possibilities. Let it inspire you into working harder and being a better version of yourself!

4. Learn to accept yourself

If you constantly compare yourself to others and want what others have, you will only ever be unhappy. Try to accept and realise that what you have is enough - you’re great at university, part of an incredible community and have friends and family that support you through all endeavours. You are more than you know – you are enough. We all just need to take a step back from time to time to accept ourselves and gain contentment.

Olivia Rose, BA History