New student health and wellbeing strategy launched

14 March 2019

Following student and staff focus groups, Student Support and Wellbeing are launching a new Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


The new Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2019-2021) has been developed to better address student health and wellbeing needs. Implementing the strategy will allow us to support students in the best ways possible so that you can reach your full potential, be successful and enjoy your time at UCL.

The strategy outlines UCL’s vision for an inclusive, caring and supportive community. It promotes good health and wellbeing (social, physical and mental) and will act as the foundations for a great student experience (academic and personal).

In partnership with Students’ Union UCL, Student Support and Wellbeing will use the strategy to inform a university-wide approach to health and wellbeing. A related Student Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice has also been set up to strengthen connections between different staff members and teams across UCL, enhancing the support available to all students.

Working with staff and students will allow a cultural change to be established and lasting improvements can be set in place.

At the core of the strategy are 6 objectives, which reflect the UCL 2034 Key Enabler A in giving students the best support, facilities and opportunities.

Main objectives 

  1. Establish a whole-university approach to student health and wellbeing

  2. Support students in their integration into life at UCL

  3. Develop resources to encourage personal awareness of health and wellbeing and facilitate peer support
  4. Establish effective links between UCL, the NHS and other services to deliver integrated mental health care and improved risk management
  5. Ensure support for disabled students or those affected by health and wellbeing difficulties is personalised and the adjustments are effective
  6. Align student and staff wellbeing policies and initiatives to foster an inclusive and supportive community​​​​​ 

For more information, please see the full UCL Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2019-2021).