Life after university

We look at the three most common destinations for graduates, identifying where you can get support and guidance to make the right decision.

Loizos Lambis, a final year UG student, has put together some suggestions for where to get support for the three most common destinations for graduates. Also keep an eye out for careers sessions happening in your departments and faculties, make sure you discuss your options with your personal tutor and make the most of the support available through UCL Careers.  

Study a Master's degree

Choosing a Master's Degree typically involves specializing in a particular area of a wider subject. UCL Careers recommends The Ultimate Careers Guide London for insights on further studies, which also includes funding options and career prospects. Prospects UK provide a more detailed guide guide on choosing a Master's Degree based on course content, links with industry, University reputation, type of Master's, fees and funding etc. PROSPECTS UK also help you weigh the costs and benefits of choosing to study a Master's altogether

Apply for a job

Transition from University to Career can be a stressful and demanding period. UCL Careers offer their free Career Essentials Online Course for both current students and recent graduates, designed to help you understand the graduate job market, prepare you for interviews and improving your CV and application writing. You can also practice Psychometric and Aptitude Tests for free, explore various assessment centre exercises and access UCL's eCareersGrad which focuses exclusively on interview success with video examples in popular job sectors.

The Careers Skills Hub offers separate resources specifically for each individual skill valued by most employees (Interpersonal, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Commercial Awareness, Analytical and Critical Thinking, Resilience and Drive, Written and Verbal Communication, Adaptability, Decision Making, Creativity, Digital). These will guide you to the relevant courses, videos, events and UCL departments to help you master the corresponding skill.

To help with uncertainty, you can book a Short Guidance Appointment with UCL careers, aimed at helping you make an informed decision based on your undergraduate degree and skills. In addition, the University of London Careers Group have Alternatives to Graduate Schemes such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Graduate or Entry Level Jobs and Internships and Temporary Work.

Take a gap year

You may opt to take a year off between finishing your undergraduate studies and your next step ( e.g. Master's Degree, Graduate Scheme). UCL Careers recommend exploring various gap year opportunities through PROSPECTS UK. These opportunities typically involve volunteering, teaching, adventure and internship experiences in programmes all over the world. A Gap Year is a fantastic opportunity for self-fulfillment and career development: travelling the world, learning a new language and discovering different cultures can  all help you figure out your future.