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Psychometric and aptitude tests

Useful resources:

Digital Resources

Log in to our digital careers library to download our range of help sheets on psychometric tests which are also available to collect from UCL Careers. You can also search for links to other key websites using the general 'psychometric tests' search tag or use more specific search tags such as:

•           e-tray exercises

•           verbal reasoning tests

•           numeracy tests

•           critical thinking tests

•           situational judgement tests

•           personality tests

Suggested sites will include more information about the different types of tests typically used by graduate recruiters, provide tips on how to prepare for these and many will also offer a range of free sample questions so you can test yourself.


Subscription-based tests - don't pay!

The sites and resources suggested above will all provide information on different types of psychometric tests and many will give access to free sample questions. Many will also give the option of purchasing full tests giving access to more questions.

However, through UCL Careers, you have FREE access to a number of different tests provided by two major test providers to save you having to pay for these yourself. Through the subscription-based sections of both websites, you will have access to a number of different full, timed tests and will receive comprehensive feedback on your performance after completing each one.

Simply register below and work through the tests that are relevant to you.

Assessment Day

Tests include:

  • 2 x Verbal Reasoning
  • 2 x Numerical Reasoning
  • 1 x Inductive Reasoning
  • 1 x Logical Reasoning
  • 1 x Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • 1 x E-Tray Exercise
  • 1 x Situational Judgement
  • 5 x Critical Thinking

Assessment Day: Register now*

Practice Aptitude Tests

Tests include:

  • 1 x Verbal Reasoning
  • 1 x Numerical Reasoning
  • 1 x Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • 1 x Situational Judgement

Practice Aptitude Tests: Register now*

*Note: To register to access the test materials for free, you will need a UCL email address. Recent Graduates should read the information about 'Email for Life' on the alumni relations website for details on accessing your UCL email account after graduation.

Aptitude test loan books

The IOE Library holds several psychometric and aptitude test books that you can borrow to work through sample test questions in your own time. Books available cover commonly used tests such as numerical/verbal reasoning plus a wide range of other professional level selection tests.

Visit the library catalogue to view titles available.

Get one-to-one advice

If you have been invited to take any type of aptitude test, you can get one-to-one advice on what to expect and how to prepare or get individual feedback on your results from any of our online test suggested above through a short guidance appointment.

Come to an event

We organise a wide range of events where you can find out more about different tests used by recruiters, get tips on how to prepare for them or get hands-on experience in doing them.

  • Career Essentials programme (Repeated throughout the year): A series of Careers Consultant led workshops aimed at all students and recent graduates which includes an interactive aptitude tests workshop.
  • Sector-specific recruitment fairs (Autumn Term only): A chance to network with large numbers of major graduate recruiters from a specific sector to get insider tips on the types of test they use and how to prepare for them.
  • Jobs Market (Summer Term only): A chance to network with large numbers of major graduate recruiters from a variety of different sectors.
  • Employer presentations (Autumn and Spring Terms): Talks by individual companies about their current vacancies which will usually include an overview of their recruitment process with tips on how to prepare for things like aptitude tests.

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