Undergraduate prospectus 2022



UCL accommodation provides a comfortable space for study and we guarantee undergraduates accommodation in your first year, subject to conditions.

It's simple. We guarantee you accommodation in your first year*.

At UCL, we will guarantee you accommodation in your first year, regardless of where you currently live, as long as:

  • you will be a single, first-year undergraduate,
  • you have chosen UCL as your firm choice through UCAS by the deadline (currently 31 May of the cycle in which you applied),
  • you submit your housing application online by the deadline (currently 31 May of the year of entry),
  • you have not lived or studied at a university in London (inside the M25 motorway) before.

In addition, we guarantee students who are care leavers a residential place for the duration of their degree programme.

* Subject to conditions listed above

Student sits at desk in room in John Adams hall student accommodation.

Two students cook a meal in Astor College student accommodation flat.

Find the right type of accommodation for you

The fees you pay will vary depending on location and facilities. There are two types of accommodation available.

UCL catered accommodation

Catered accommodation includes meals (breakfast and an evening dinner from Monday to Friday and lunch at weekends).

We offer catered accommodation in our own Halls of Residence and in several Intercollegiate Halls open to students attending any college of the University of London.

UCL self-catered accommodation

Self-catered accommodation provides shared kitchen facilities (cooker, refrigerator, freezer, kettle, toaster and microwave) where you can prepare your own meals.

Our accommodation fees 

Our accommodation fees include:

  • room rental and use of communal areas;
  • maintenance within your Hall;
  • cleaning of shared bathrooms, kitchens and communal areas;
  • utility charges including Wi-Fi;
  • basic contents insurance;
  • 24/7 support;
  • vibrant UCL communities led by residents.

All UCL accommodation is offered for 39 weeks and is located in central London (Zones 1 or 2 of London's public transport network).

Each of our sites is managed and run by experienced and knowledgeable managers and student residence advisers (SRAs). Their responsibilities range from out of hours support to wellbeing, ensuring you have an exceptional student experience.

All of our accommodation has secure access as your security and wellbeing is our main priority.

Accommodation for students with additional requirements

Students with disabilities

We have a limited number of rooms available for students with additional requirements.

Students with families

We have some limited accommodation available for students with families.

Care leavers and estranged students

We will provide 365-day accommodation in the first year, and, if needed, for subsequent years of study.

Find a private provider

UCL collaborates with a number of independent organisations offering private accommodation to students in London.