Whether you plan to start your own business, tackle global issues or kick-start your dream career, we help develop your entrepreneurial skills and thinking.

Innovate with UCL

Entrepreneurial skills can give you the confidence to try out new ideas, take risks, explore the unexplored and work with other people in a range of different situations.

Find out more about our extracurricular entrepreneurship programme and societies at UCL and the transferable skills you can gain to improve your understanding of how business works and succeed in your future chosen career.

Grow your entrepreneurial skills

Based in King’s Cross, ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley’, our community is open to all UCL students, irrespective of their degree. We offer the chance to develop the vital entrepreneurial skills you will need in order to flourish in the career you choose.

Whether it’s learning more about how business works, or developing your own entrepreneurial flair, take advantage of UCL Innovation & Enterprise’s extensive extracurricular entrepreneurship programme and their business support.

Find like minded people with UCL Societies

There are lots of opportunities to join an enterprise-related society at UCL providing support, a forum for sharing ideas, events and networking opportunities.