Your global alumni community

As a UCL student, you become a lifelong member of a truly global community.

Connecting you after graduation

Our extraordinary alumni, with their bold, brilliant and inquisitive minds, go on to discover and achieve remarkable things across the globe.

We count Nobel Prize winners, poets, novelists, BAFTA winners, Olympians, inventors and Turner Prize-winning artists among our graduates.

Our alumni network reaches across the world

Over 350,000 UCL alumni live in more than 190 countries worldwide and we have groups of alumni volunteers in over 50 countries across the globe.

There are dedicated industry networks and international groups from Japan to the USA – making it easy to maintain friendships and make new connections.

If you're looking to get in touch with your fellow graduates in the UK or overseas, we can help you organise reunions or recommend a volunteer alumni group in your area.

These groups organise regular get-togethers, including special 'send-off' and 'welcome back' events either side of your degree.

We support your career after graduation

Wherever life takes you after graduation, UCL's global community will be there to support you.

From international clubs to industry networks, professional development programmes and lifelong library access, there's no shortage of ways to stay connected.

As a UCL graduate, you’ll have access to:

We provide lifelong benefits for our alumni

All our alumni are entitled to discounts on London travel and accommodation and continued access to UCL's bars and libraries.

We like to keep our alumni up-to-date with all our news through regular e-newsletters and the annual alumni magazine Portico. We'll also keep you informed about our various campaigns, raising money in support of UCL's most significant priorities and engaging our global community with UCL students, staff and projects.

Many student societies and departments organise their own events where alumni speak about careers, lead workshops, judge student competitions and even take part in an annual sports battle.

UCL is a hard place to leave but our alumni are always welcomed back!