UCL Chemistry NMR Instruments


NMR Experiments

In addition to standard one- and two-dimensional spectra used on daily basis, there are several NMR experiments used for specific tasks, such as measurements of 13C-1H coupling constants or nuclear Overhauser effects (NOEs). These experiments can be run in automated mode under Iconnmr, although some of them may require additional acquisition parameters.

 The 300 MHz instrument is equipped with a QNP probe, allowing automated acquisition of 1H, 13C, 19F and 31P spectra using the BACS60 sample changer. Standard experiments added into the auto-acquisition list under Iconnmr include:

  • Quantitative proton NMR for determining concentrations of samples
  • Multiple solvent suppression experiments
  • High-temperature measurements
  • Proton NMR with 19F or 31P decoupling and optional solvent suppression
  • 2D 1H-19F and 1H-31P HMBC experiments for multiple bond correlations
  • 2Dexperiments for measurements of 1H-19F heteronuclear Overhauser effects (HOE)