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NMR Software available to academic users

Topspin is free for academic users and is available for downloading from Bruker's TopSpin site for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. You will need to click on "Login" on the top right on the Bruker website and then register an account with them before you could download TopSpin.

Note that TopSpin is the recommended by us software for processing and viewing NMR spectra. The data is acquired using TopSpin on all our spectrometers and there is therefore no potential compatibility issues with using TopSpin for further viewing or processing the data!  

Please choose version 4 of TopSpin, with a free academic license for 15 years. It has a new license manager, Codemeter. Make sure to download free Topspin4 from the Bruker site (link above) when in UCL or logged into UCL VPN from home in order to receive a license ticket with a long code. When you first start TopSpin after installation, it will request you to use your license ticket. It will then open the following link http://licensecentral-bbio.bruker.de/index.php. Avoid using Chrome at this stage, copy and paste the link into Edge or IE11 (Firefox has not been tested yet). 

There are several detailed descriptions of how to install TopSpin 4, see, for example, the Cambridge University site.

If for some reason you still want to use version 3 of Topspin governed by Flexlm license manager, please follow the instructions on NMR Data and Software page.

ACD/I-Lab 1H, 13C, 15N, 19F and 31P NMR Predictors are useful for analysing and assigning spectra (no need for installation). For analysing 1H spectra complicated by strong coupling effects, we recommend full lineshape fittings using gNMR.

WinSCP is suitable for file transfers from the NMR data server to Windows PCs. For MacOS, you may need to search for Filezilla, which may include additional bundled offers. Make sure to disable additional offers during the installation.

A fragment of HMBC spectrum