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Management Development

Training for staff who have line management and/or recruitment responsibilities. To find out more about each course, please visit the UCL training booking system (UCL log in is required).

Term one programmes are now open for self-booking.

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These programmes provide line managers with the skills and tools needed to effectively manage a team and foster a management culture of development, enablement and inclusion.

LinkedIn Learning

We have grouped LinkedIn Learning online video tutorials (collections) which mirror some of the programmes' objectives. If you are unable to attend these programmes, please see the collections below.

Programme name

Who should attend

Duration and format

Cohorts per year

Fee and booking

The fundamentals of management

Existing, new and aspiring managers (Grades 6-9)

  • 12 x online modules
  • 1 x launch workshop
  • 2 x webinars

3 x 16

£500 Nomination via faculty/division nominator

UCL BAME management programme

BAME aspiring managers (Grades 5-7)

  • 2 x 1-day modules
  • 2 hours of support 

2 x 16

£1,450 Nomination via online form (will be opened in November 2019)

UCL business partnering programme

Staff employed as business partners
  • 2-day launch event
  • 4 full day sessions
  • Online course modules
  • Coaching and action learning sets
2 x 16



Management essentials (Self-bookable online)

Programme nameDurationCohorts per yearHow to book
Purposeful appraisals*1 hourOnlineOnline from Nov 2019
Managing conflict1.5 hours3Self-booking
Managing change1.5 hours3Self-booking
Managing risk1 day3Self-booking
Managing finances1/2 day3Self-booking
Managing people1/2 day3Self-booking
Managing sickness absence1/2 day3Self-booking (TBC)
Resilience and resourcefulness1 day 3Self-booking

*Mandatory for appraising managers

Recruiting staff

Programme nameDurationCohorts per yearHow to book
UCL recruitment essentials*60 minutesOnlineTBC
Best practice recruitment: Introduction to interview skills1 day3Self-booking
HR Systems Training - Placing job adverts using UCL's recruitment system**1/2 day9Self-booking
HR Systems Training - Shortlisting and interviews using UCL's recruitment system**1/2 day9Self-booking

*Mandatory for staff involved in recruitment panels

**Mandatory for recruitment system users

Programme Summaries

The fundamentals of management (NEW for 2019/20)

Designed to provide existing, new and aspiring managers with the very best management tools and techniques used by 1000s of great leaders and managers around the world. The programme is designed to build collective management capability and enhance the performance of teams, departments and UCL overall through a 10 modular programme of development accessible, anytime, anywhere, on any device. This is a blended learning programme, starting with a facilitated workshop and centred an online programme.

Programme aims:

For new managers

  • Learn 'best in class' techniques used by 1000s of great managers worldwide
  • Learn how to get the best out of yourself and the best out of your people
  • Learn how to build a great leadership brand

For aspiring managers

  • Give your leadership a head start
  • Prepare yourself to be the best leader you can be
  • Learn how to create an impact from day 1 as a leader

For existing managers

  • Benchmark your skills against 'best in class'
  • Discover new opportunities to enhance your impact
  • Re-define your leadership brand

Programme modules:

  1. 21st-century management
  2. Great goal setting
  3. Inspiring appraisals
  4. Optimising your time
  5. Improving communication
  6. Better meetings, better results
  7. Understanding your customer
  8. Creating a stand out team
  9. Developing me, developing my team
  10. Managing up
  11. Presenting with presence
  12. Being a strategic leader

Programme dates guidance:

 Cohort 1Cohort 2Cohort 3
Programme commencesFebruary 2020April 2020Jue 2020


UCL BAME management prgoramme

This is a new and exciting development programme for BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) aspiring managers. Further details of the programme will be available online in spring 2020.

Programme dates guidance:

 Cohort 1Cohort 2
Programme commencesFebruary 2020, running until May 2020.March 2020, running until June 2020


UCL business partnering programme

This programme will empower business partners to embrace their role and will equip them with the skills and tools required to deliver an excellent service and to get the best out of the business partnering model. Participants will create a framework and action plan to support their continuous professional development. The participants for this pilot programme will be staff employed as a business partner or whose role requires a very similar skillset.

Programme aims:

  • Empower business partners with the confidence to be able to embrace their roles
  • Ensure that business partners are equipped with the skills and tools needed to deliver an excellent service to their customers
  • Introduce a framework for professional development and continuous improvement for business partners

Programme modules:

  1. The Business PArtner Function: The role and the context
  2. Exploring business partnering skills and behaviours including modules on: Influencing with Confidence, Business Acumen, Managing Relationships, Delivering value
  3. Your Career: Developing your skills and creating a Personal Development plan

Programme dates guidance:

 Cohort 1 & 2
Programme commencesfrom January 2020


Managing conflict

Programme overview

Learn how to recognise and handle conflict

  • The different types of conflict
  • Your preferred conflict-handling style: a self-evaluation
  • A simple step-by-step process for resolving conflict
  • Interpersonal skills for resolving conflict

Managing change

Programme overview 

Learn how to lead successful change

  • How well do you embrace change? A self-evaluation
  • A simple step-by-step process for managing successful change
  • Dealing with resistance to change – the change curve