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Personal effectiveness workshops

Personal effectiveness training for all staff. To book and find out more about each course, please visit the UCL training booking system (UCL log in is required).

Term one programmes are now open for self-booking.

Visit the UCL training booking system

Programme nameDurationCohorts per yearHow to book
Assertiveness90 minutes2Self-booking
Conflict resolution90 minutes2Self-booking
Facilitation skills90 minutes3Self-booking
Overcoming your imposter syndrome1/2 day4Self -booking
Powerful presentations90 minutes3Self-booking
Resilience90 minutes2Self-booking
Courageous conversations1 day3Self-booking
Personal effectiveness and confident networking1 day3Self-booking
Resilience and resourcefulness1 day3Self booking
Understanding and embracing change1 day2Self booking
Project Management - the basics1 day3Self booking
Project Management - complex1 day3Self booking

LinkedIn Learning

We have grouped LinkedIn Learning online video tutorials (collections) which mirror some of the programmes' objectives. If you are unable to attend these programmes, please see the collections below.

Programme Summaries


This programme is designed for staff to learn how to be assertive without being aggressive.

Programme overview

  • How assertive are you? (A self-evaluation)
  • What stops you from being assertive?
  • The effects of being unassertive
  • How to express your ideas without feeling guilty or intimidated


Conflict resolution

Programme overview

Learn how to recognise and handle conflict

  • The different types of conflict
  • Your preferred conflict-handling style: a self-evaluation
  • A simple step-by-step process for resolving conflict
  • Interpersonal skills for resolving conflict


Facilitation skills

This programme is designed for staff to learn how to confidently facilitate a group discussion.

Programme overview

  • What is facilitation? How and when do we facilitate?
  • The 3 key principles of facilitation
  • The skills of a great facilitator
  • Asking the “right” questions


Powerful presentations

This programme is designed for staff to learn how to confidently deliver a presentation with impact.

Programme overview

  • A simple 3-step template for preparing your presentation
  • A very powerful 3-step template for delivering your presentation
  • The 3 things all great presenters do 3 
  • Designing PowerPoint slides and handling a Q&A session effectively



This programme is designed for staff to learn how to withstand or recover from difficult situations.

Programme overview

  • Building positive beliefs
  • Take responsibility
  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • The 7 core principles for building your resilience