Governance and compliance


Committee meetings calendar

Dates of meetings of all of the bodies listed on UCL's formal committees web pages, where Academic Services officers have been provided with this information.

First Term

24FriWork Health and Safety Committee11:00
OCTOBER 2021   
06WedFinance Committee14:00
07ThuRemuneration Committee09:30
14ThuEstates Management Committee10:00
14ThuEducation Committee10:30
20WedResearch, Innovation and Global Engagement Committee09:00
20WedNominations Committee09:30
22FriAudit Committee15:30
25MonHonorary Degrees and Fellowships Committee09:00
25MonGovernance Committee of Academic Board11:00
28ThuWork Health and Safety Committee13:30
28ThuResearch Degrees Committee11:00
NOVEMBER 2021   
01MonEquality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee10:30
03WedAcademic Board14:05
04ThuOperations Committee10:00
10WedPeople and Culture Committee14:00
11ThuFinance Committee10:00
16TueAudit Committee09:30
16TueLibrary Committee14:00
25ThuStudent Experience Committee10:00
25ThuWork Health and Safety Committee11:00
29MonInvestments Committee14:00
DECEMBER 2021   
03FriFinance Committee09:00
03FriOperations Committee11:00
06MonHealth Partnerships Committee09:00
06MonEquality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee10:00
06MonGovernance Committee of Academic Board11:00
07TueEducation Committee14:00
10FriAcademic Board13:05
14TueStudent Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee10:00
17FriWork Health and Safety Committee13:30

Second Term

JANUARY 2022   
10MonDigital Strategy Committee15:00
12WedFinancial Performance Committee14:00
17MonGovernance Committee of Academic Board09:00
20ThuResearch, Innovation and Global Engagement Committee10:00
24MonFinance Committee10:00
26WedAcademic Board14:05
28FriWork Health and Safety Committee14:00
31MonGovernance Committee of Academic Board09:00
FEBRUARY 2022   
03ThuOperations Committee10:00
03ThuStudent Experience Committee10:00
09WedAcademic Board14:05
10ThuEducation Committee10:30
10ThuEquality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee14:00
18FriInvestments Committee14:00
25FriWork Health and Safety Committee10:30
28MonFinancial Performance Committee15:30
MARCH 2022   
03ThuAcademic Committee10:00
07MonGovernance Committee of Academic Board09:00
08TueStudent Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee10:00
08TueEstates Management Committee10:00
09WedResearch, Innovation and Global Engagement Committee14:00
10ThuOperations Committee10:00
14MonResearch Degrees Committee11:00
15TueAcademic Board14:05
16WedPeople and Culture Committee10:00
22MarStudent Experience Committee14:00
23WedEquality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee14:00
28MonFinance Committee14:00
29TueGovernance Committee of Academic Board09:00
29TueFinancial Performance Committee14:30
30WedAudit Committee10:00
30WedAcademic Board15:05
31ThuWork Health and Safety Committee11:30
31ThuDigital Strategy Committee14:00

Third Term

APRIL 2022   
5TueLibrary Committee11:00
11MonNominations Committee10:00
26TueEducation Committee14:00
29FriGovernance Committee of Academic Board11:00
29FriWork Health and Safety Committee14:00
MAY 2022   
05ThuOperations Committee10:00
05ThuRemuneration Committee09:00
06FriFinancial Performance Committee10:30
10TueEstates Management Committee10:00
11WedAcademic Board14:05
12ThuResearch, Innovation and Global Engagement Committee10:00
16MonHealth Partnerships Committee09:30
16MonStudent Experience Committee15:00
18WedInvestments Committee13:00
23MonGovernance Committee of Academic Board09:00
23MonFinance Committee14:00
25WedFinancial Performance Committee15:00
26ThuStudent Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee10:00
27FriWork Health and Safety Committee14:00
30MonAcademic Board14:05
JUNE 2022   
06MonLibrary Committee10:30
07TueResearch Degrees Committee11:00
07TueEquality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee14:00
09ThuEducation Committee10:30
13MonAudit Committee10:00
13MonStudent Recruitment, Admissions and Funding Committee14:00
15WedFinance Committee10:00
23ThuAcademic Committee10:00
23ThuOperations Committee10:00
23ThuWork Health and Safety Committee13:30
29WedFinancial Performance Committee15:00
30ThuResearch, Innovation and Global Engagement Committee10:00
JULY 2022   
04MonDigital Strategy Committee15:00
12TueHealth Partnerships Committee14:00
13WedPeople and Culture Committee14:00
14ThuRemuneration Committee09:30
19TueEducation Committee14:00
21ThuResearch, Innovation and Global Engagement Committee10:00
22FriWork Health and Safety Committee11:00
27WedFinancial Performance Committee13:30
AUGUST 2022   
31WedWork Health and Safety Committee15:00
13TueInvestments Committee13:00

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