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Governance Committee of Academic Board

Find out more about UCL's Governance Committee of Academic Board, including terms of reference, membership and meeting dates.

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Terms of Reference

The Governance Committee of Academic Board is charged by Academic Board to:

  1. advise Academic Board on the running and structure of the Board, including proposing standing orders for its own running to Academic Board, and scrutinising strategic decisions that impact academic work at UCL;
  2. improve the representation of the views of Academic Board on matters affecting the academic work of UCL to the University Management Committee (or equivalent) and to Council;
  3. act as the nomination committee on behalf of the Board when approached by the chair of the Board, or the Council, or charged by the Board or by UCL Management, provided that the procedures laid down in SO6 are followed;
  4. assist, when approached, any committee, sub-committee of, or group established by UCL on behalf of the Board on questions of governance: any such assistance shall be reported to the Board at its next regular meeting;
  5. provide reports and memoranda to the Board on matters coming before it that affect the academic work of UCL;
  6. have the power to put papers before AB, and to distribute reports to AB, within its Terms of Reference, at any time;
  7. have the power to communicate with members of the Board;
  8. be able to request that the Secretary provide it with access to any existing information that the Board is entitled to receive in order to make an informed decision on matters coming to the Board that affect the academic work of UCL.


All persons formerly (but not currently) elected to Council from Academic Board within the last 6 years and who are still at UCL, who shall be invited to attend ex officio as voting members:

  • Professor Lucie Clapp (2) (Vice-Chair)
  • Professor Annette Dolphin (2)
  • Professor Patrick Haggard (3)
  • Professor Hynek Pikhart (3)

Up to 9 members to be elected by and from the professorial membership of Academic Board as voting members:

  • Professor Ian Eames (3)
  • Professor Mark Hewitson (1)
  • Professor Evangelos Himonides (3)
  • Professor Francesca Medda (-)
  • Professor Gemma Moss (1)
  • Professor Sacha Stern (6)

Up to 6 members to be elected by and from the non-professorial membership of Academic Board as voting members:

  • Dominique Drai (4)
  • Dr Sandra Leaton Gray (-)
  • Dr Jennifer McGowan (-)
  • Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia (-) (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Benet Salway (1) (Chair)
  • Justin Siefker (1) (Vice-Chair)

Up to 2 student members selected by the UCL Students' Union in any one year, as voting members, at least one of whom shall be a member of Academic Board and the other selected from those who are serving on Council:

  • Muhammad Shaban Chaudhary
  • Issy Smith

Up to 2 members of the Executive Committee of Academic Board, one of them being the Chair of that committee, the other one elected by that committee, as voting members:

  • [Professor Evangelos Himonides]
  • [Dominique Drai]

Any expert persons invited by the committee to assist in its deliberations, as non-voting members, and who do not count towards the quorum:

  • Dr Martin Fry
  • Professor Ralf Schoepfer


  • Olivia Whiteley

Meeting dates 2023-24

  • Wednesday 11 October 2023, 2.00pm
  • Monday 23 October 2023, 1.00pm
  • Monday 29 January 2024, 11.00am
  • Monday 29 April 2024, 11.00am
  • Monday 10 June 2024, 11.00am
  • Monday 24 June 2024, 11.00am
  • Thursday 5 September 2024, 2.00pm

Meeting dates 2024-25

  • Monday 21 October 2024, 11.00am