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Governance Committee of Academic Board

Find out more about UCL's Governance Committee of Academic Board, including terms of reference, membership and meeting dates.

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Terms of Reference

Subject to any general or particular direction that may from time to time be given by Academic Board, the Governance Committee of Academic Board is charged by Academic Board to:

  1. advise Academic Board on the running and structure of the Board, including proposing standing orders for its own running to Academic Board, and scrutinising strategic decisions that impact academic work at UCL;
  2. improve the representation of the views of Academic Board on matters affecting the academic work of UCL to the Senior Management Team and to Council.


Any person formerly (but not currently) elected to Council from Academic Board within the last 6 years and who is still at UCL:

  • Professor David Attwell
  • Professor Lucie Clapp
  • Professor Annette Dolphin
  • Professor Patrick Haggard
  • Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia (Vice-Chair)
  • Professor Hynek Pikhart
  • Dr Benet Salway
  • Professor Nick Tyler
  • Professor Maria Wyke

Nine members elected from the professorial membership of Academic Board as voting members:

  • Professor Ian Eames
  • Professor Elizabeth Fisher
  • Professor Maria Fitzgerald
  • Professor Evangelos Himonides
  • Professor Jeff King
  • Professor Jane Rendell
  • Professor Ralf Schoepfer (Chair)
  • Professor Sacha Stern (Vice-Chair)
  • Professor Judith Suissa

Six members elected from the non-professorial membership of Academic Board as voting members:

  • Ms Dominique Drai
  • Dr Martin Fry (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Amanda Greene
  • Dr Margaret Mayston
  • Dr Bill Sillar
  • Dr Sherrill Stroschein

Three student members selected by the Students' Union from the Academic Board student representatives in any one year, as voting members:

  • Mr Ayman Benmati
  • Mr Graham Van Goffrier
  • Ms Viktoria Makai

Two members of Academic Committee elected by that committee, as voting members:

  • vacancy
  • vacancy


  • Ms Olivia Whiteley

Meeting dates 2021-22

  • Monday 25 October 2021, 11.00am
  • Monday 6 December 2021, 11.00am
  • Monday 17 January 2022, 9.00am
  • Monday 31 January 2022, 9.00am
  • Monday 7 March 2022, 9.00am
  • Tuesday 29 March 2022, 09.00am
  • Friday 29 April 2022, 11.00am
  • Monday 23 May 2022, 09.00am