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Executive Committee of Academic Board

Find out more about UCL's Executive Committee of Academic Board, including terms of reference and membership.

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Terms of Reference

The Executive Committee of Academic Board:

  1. Shall cooperate with the Chairs of other committees and bodies of the Academic Board, including the Chair of the Academic Board, of the university to cooperate in setting a broad agenda or programme of papers and timetable for these to come before the board in the academic year;
  2. Shall normally be involved in the preliminary and draft stages of formulation of papers that will ultimately come before the board. This will include requesting and assisting with the provision of Academic Impact Statements that are attached to papers coming before the board;
  3. Will have the power to consult the Academic Board and the wider academic community on any initiative or paper before it;
  4. May be consulted by Council or requested by Council to consult the academic community on any matter;
  5. Shall provide communications to Council on any matter within its remit.


Ex Officio Members

Formerly (but not currently) elected persons to Council from Academic Board:

  • Professor Lucie Clapp
  • Professor Annette Dolphin
  • Professor Patrick Haggard
  • Professor Hynek Pikhart
  • Professor Andrew Wills

Chair of Governance Committee of Academic Board (GCAB):

  • Professor Ralf Schoepfer (Chair)

Elected Members

Heads of Academic Units, including former Heads of Academic Units elected by Academic Board:

  • Professor Sacha Stern (Vice-Chair)
  • Professor Jose Torero Cullen
  • Professor James Wilson
  • vacancy

Members of Academic Board elected from the professorial membership of Academic Board:

  • Professor Tim Levine
  • three vacancies

Members of Academic Board elected from the non-professorial membership of Academic Board:

  • Dr Martin Fry (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia (Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Sherrill Stroschein

Members of Governance Committee of Academic Board (GCAB)

Current members of GCAB, as determined by GCAB from time to time:

  • Professor David Attwell
  • Ms Dominique Drai
  • Professor Ian Eames
  • Mr Graham Van Goffrier
  • Dr Amanda Greene
  • Professor Evangelos Himonides
  • Dr Margaret Mayston
  • Professor Jane Rendell
  • Dr Benet Salway
  • Professor Bill Sillar

Student members

Student members selected by the Students' Union from the Academic Board student representatives in any one year:

  • Mr Ayman Benmati
  • Ms Viki Makai


  • Mr Douglas Bertram