We are using the GOA-UniProt curation tool to associate Gene Ontology (GO) terms with neurological-relevant proteins; this data is then incorporated into the GOA-UniProt and GO Consortium databases.  All of our annotations are then propagated to freely available online knowledgebases, such as UniProt, Ensembl and NCBIGene, as well as other public and commercial analysis tools.

One of the approaches we take is to annotate one biological process at a time, rather than one gene product at a time. This approach has several advantages, including: broadening our annotations to include more of the proteins associated with the process, improving the biocurator's knowledge of the biology and creating more specific annotations. In turn, this leads to requests for more specific terms, because we are investing in improving the annotation of the domain.

GO annotation projects:

Current Projects

  • Alzheimer's Research UK-funded GO annotation initiatives:

    • Neurological processes involving tau and its interacting partners
    • Proteins involved in neuroinflammation
  • SynGO project: an international collaborative effort to annotate synaptic proteins

Completed Projects

  • Alzheimer's Research UK-funded GO annotation initiatives to annotate amyloid-beta binding proteins
  • Parkinson's UK-funded GO annotation initiative to annotate processes relevant to Parkinson's disease