Functional Gene Annotation

The UCL based Functional Gene Annotation projects represent a collaboration between UCL, the Proteomic Services Group and UniProt development group at European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and Prof. Manuel Mayr's group at King's College London. These projects are funded by the British Heart Foundation and Parkinson's UK.  

The annotation group is a member of the Gene Ontology Consortium and the IMEx Consortium and contributes Gene Ontology annotations and protein interaction data.

By curating the scientific literature we will create an information-rich resource for the cardiovascular and Parkinson's-research communities, enabling researchers to rapidly evaluate and interpret existing data and generate hypotheses to guide future research. The impact of a focused annotation approach on data analysis is demonstrated in Alam-Faruque et al., 2011. Annotations contributed by the UCL annotation group to the GO Consortium, IntAct or IMEx datasets are listed as BHF-UCL (British Heart Foundation - University College London) or ParkinsonsUK-UCL (Parkinson's UK - University College London).

We welcome feedback and encourage researchers to review the annotation of their 'favourite' gene and suggest information that may be missing, inaccurate or incomplete in these annotations, or to suggest papers for annotation.

Comments and suggestions can be sent via

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The work of the Cardiovascular Gene Annotation group is supported by British Heart Foundation grant RG/13/5/30112. The work of the Neurological Gene Annotation group is supported by Parkinson's UK grant G-1307.