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Student recruitment

The student recruitment family sits within the Communications and Marketing (CAM Plus) practice area. An example career pathway could take you from Marketing Research Officer to Head of Marketing.

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What is student recruitment?

Student recruitment is the communications and marketing activity which supports the recruitment of students at all levels of study and to all subjects. Activity is undertaken in line with the Student Recruitment and Admissions chapter of the UCL Academic Manual. Our aim is to make sure UCL is the first choice for students after Oxford and Cambridge, and to meet our recruitment targets. It’s a broad area and covers the student journey from raising awareness and interest, turning the interest into an application, converting an offer to study with us into an acceptance and finally to enrolment.

Those working in student recruitment will be comfortable analysing and interpreting data in order to inform recruitment activity. They will have an understanding of factors affecting the ratio of applications to offers, offers to acceptances, and acceptances to enrolments, and what steps might be taken to influence these figures.

The activities involved are incredibly varied and could include face-to-face activities, using digital platforms, writing engaging copy, creating videos, using social media, commissioning market research, using information sources to understand your audience better. These are just examples; the unifying factor around the student recruitment career family is that some or all of someone’s work is focused on all or part of prospective student’s journey.

Role Profiles 

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Andy Marriot

Andy Marriot

Marketing and Customer Relations Manager

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