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Funding and scholarships

A range of financial awards aimed at assisting both prospective and current students with their studies are available from UCL, The Bartlett Faculty, and individual departments within the Faculty.

A female student creating a model in the Bartlett workshop, with drills and machinery around her, and a male student working in the background

The Bartlett faculty scholarships

Bartlett travel awards and scholarships

In previous years, The Bartlett Faculty Travel Awards and Scholarships have supported Bartlett undergraduate students to undertake independent travel to another country.

This year, given the ongoing Covid-19 travel restrictions and differing rates of vaccination, we will be funding students to submit creative contributions focusing on their local area instead.

Students can respond to this prompt in any way they wish, and contributions could cover questions such as: 

  • What inspires you in your local built environment?
  • How have you seen or experienced your local area differently in the last 12 months?
  • What challenges have you noticed in your local built or natural environment?

Submissions can take any format, within the following guidelines:

Written – max. 500 words, typed in MS Word

Photo essays – photos in original high resolution, in JPEG or PDF

Films – shot in landscape and uploaded to YouTube or another hosting platform, or if you want to send a file, MPEG, MP4 and MOV are fine

Audio – MP3 or MP4 files

Please note, submissions may be published on The Bartlett's website or social channels. Successful applicants can opt out of being featured on The Bartlett web and social channels if they prefer.

The awards are not intended to subsidise study related expenditure, or relate to a student’s programme of study or coursework.

We will reward each submission with £50, providing it is of a good standard.

Who can apply?

All undergraduate students registered on undergraduate programmes of study in the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment are eligible to apply.


Applicants should read the guidelines and send their submission, along with the application form cover letter, by email to Ian Lewis (i.lewis@ucl.ac.uk). The deadline for submissions is Friday 11 June
If you have any queries about the Bartlett Travel Awards please contact Tom McMahon (t.mcmahon@ucl.ac.uk).

The Bartlett Travel Awards 
and Scholarships



The Bartlett Promise Scholarship

The Bartlett Promise is a long-term project to attract students from a broader range of backgrounds to tackle the lack of diversity in the built environment. The scholarships are open to UK domiciled students with home fee status from underrepresented backgrounds pursing a undergraduate, master’s or PhD programme at The Bartlett. The scholarships will cover students’ fees and provide a stipend for living and study costs for the duration of their degree. 

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The Bartlett faculty funding

Bartlett Doctoral funding

Bartlett Student Conference Fund

Our goal

The principal aim of this fund is to encourage MPhil/PhD students to present their research at international conferences.


Bartlett Student
Conference Fund


File bscf_2020-21_regulations.docx


File bscf_2020-21_application_form.docx

Bartlett Doctoral Initiative Fund

Our goal

This fund has two principal aims:

  1. To support and encourage collaboration between schools and initiatives of The Bartlett in the form of thematically-focused initiatives that benefit MPhil/PhD students. These initiatives may be pedagogical or skills training related in purpose or aimed at assisting MPhil/PhD students in academic networking and career development.
  2. To assist MPhil/PhD in deriving maximum benefit from their studies at UCL and to foster opportunity for interdepartmental and inter-faculty MPhil/PhD student activities.


Bartlett Doctoral
Initiative Fund


File bdif_2020-21_regulations.docx


File bdif_2020-21_application_form.docx

Bartlett External Training Fund

Our goal

This fund aims to provide MPhil/PhD students with additional opportunities to undertake training, essential to their research, not available through the UCL Doctoral Skills Development Programme. 


Bartlett External
Training Fund


File betf_2020-21_regulations.docx


File betf_2020-21_application_form.docx

Bartlett Extenuating Circumstances Fund

Our goal

This fund aims to provide financial support where the MPhil/PhD student’s original approved programme is no longer viable due to adverse unforeseeable circumstances, when sufficient funds are unavailable from other sources to cover increased costs.

In light of UCL travel restrictions and UK Government advice, this fund is closed until conditions allow it to reopen. In the meantime, students are advised to refer to the UCL Emergency Assistance Grant.

Department-specific funding

Development Planning Unit (DPU)

A range of funding opportunities are available in The Bartlett's Development Planning Unit. 

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Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP)

IGP BAME Scholarship - closing deadline for applications: 2 July 2021

A range of funding opportunities are available in The Bartlett's Institute for Global Prosperity. 

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The Bartlett School of Planning

A range of funding opportunities are available in The Bartlett School of Planning.

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The Bartlett School of Architecture

A range of funding opportunities are available in The Bartlett School of Architecture.

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The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction 

A range of funding opportunities are available in The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction

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UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage

A range of funding opportunities are available in UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage.

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UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering

A range of funding opportunities are available in UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering.

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UCL Energy Institute

A range of funding opportunities are available in UCL Energy Institute:

  • ESDA Potential Energy Scholarship

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UCL Scholarships

For information on UCL fees and funding, please visit: