The Bartlett



The Bartlett aims to tackle the most challenging research issues within the built environment.

These are some of the most pressing global challenges of our day, from sustainable economic growth to urban poverty, to reducing carbon emissions.

Through our distinctive cross-disciplinary approach, we are uniquely placed to address these issues at local, national and international levels.

Our focus is on projects that have impact in the real world. We seek to make the built environment better for everyone with multidisciplinary research that is global, innovative, responsible and relevant.

Our interdisciplinary approach

Research at The Bartlett involves a range of disciplines, including the physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities, and design.

Our broad-based research teams have a wide variety of backgrounds, spanning architectural design, digital data modelling, planning, development studies, energy efficiency, urban design, construction, project management, transport infrastructure, cultural heritage (and many others).

We continually seek to increase the diversity within our existing disciplines, and much of our work sits on the boundaries between them. It is these different perspectives that equip us to deal with multi-level, real-world challenges.

Working together

The Bartlett is one of the UK’s major centres for research into the built environment, and one of the most influential centres globally.

Our approach is increasingly focused on working with external stakeholders. We believe that collaboration is crucial and our aim is to become the ‘partner of choice’ for UK and international universities, as well as other organisations, across all areas of built environment research.

UCL Grand Challenges

Bartlett research has embedded links to all of the UCL Grand Challenges, the university’s cross-disciplinary initiatives in: