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Find out what it’s really like to study at The Bartlett with a collection of blogs written by our students, sharing their advice, experiences and opinions. Topic areas include applying to The Bartlett, life in London and scholarships.

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Applying to The Bartlett

10 tips to get ready for university

Read Sabelle's top tips for preparing for the once in a lifetime experience of going to study at university for the first time.

How I Created My Portfolio for The Bartlett School of Architecture

Here are the steps BSA student Teni took to showcase her work when applying to study with us.

Top tips: Applying to an undergraduate degree

Urban Planning student Julian talks us through his application journey and shares his top tips to get a place at UCL. 

Creating a portfolio for Architecture MArch

MArch student Shaunee trys to takes the fear out of putting together an effective portfolio.


Building experience in architecture

There are plenty of opportunities in London for young people keen to gain work experience, writes Lettie.

Applying to Bio-Integrated Design MArch

Bio-Integrated Design MArch student, Gitanjali, has some advice for those looking to join her in at The Bartlett School of Architecture. 


Studying at The Bartlett

Understanding Extenuating Circumstances at The Bartlett

UCL's Extenuating Circumstances policies ensure that you are not disadvantaged by unexpected circumstances beyond your control.

Balancing university life at the Bartlett School of Architecture

Here Toby discusses how to make the most out of being a student while coping with the demands of studying architecture.

How to maintain academic integrity as a Bartlett student

Hermione discusses how to understand and practice academic integrity - a cornerstone of studying at UCL.

Studying as a mature student

Fion shares her experience of studying at The Bartlett as a mature student at The Bartlett School of Planning.

My experience at The Bartlett School of Planning

Sean speaks about his highlights as an undergraduate student at UCL at the end of his second year.

Working effectively in a group

Celine shares her tips for group work success, whether it’s in-person or online. 

Reading week - what is it? and what happens during it?

First-year student Louise explains the concept of reading week, and how she spends it

The 5 things I've learnt from being a first year UCL student

Louise on the life lessons she picked up during her first year of studying at The Bartlett.

Bartlett School of Planning's First Year's Field Trip to Porto

Louise's diary documenting a three-day trip to Portugal with her BSP coursemates and tutors

Living in London

Places to grab a coffee and quick bite around campus

If you’re looking for a place to grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat whilst you’re settling into your routine at The Bartlett, coffee enthusiast Farah shares her favourite places to visit.

Top 5 lesser known green spaces in London

London provides a range of architecturally rich and naturally colourful green spaces for students to discover. Georgios shares his top five.

Finding accommodation in London

When moving to a new city or country, finding housing can be a challenge. Read Celine's blog post on how she found her accommodation

Top 5 museums to visit

Londoners are spolit for choice when it comes to museums and galleries. Azmina lists her top five museums in the UK's capital.


London's digital heritage collections

Sustainable Heritage student, Alexandra, on how to engage digitally with London’s treasure trove of heritage collections.

A must-know guide on places to purchase architectural materials in London

Madeleine shares her advice on the best places in London to buy artistic supplies. 



Student life

Finding a job after university

You’ve finished your exams and you’re about to graduate…now what? MArch Architecture graduate Shaunee shares her top tips for job seeking post university. 

Adapting to a new environment

In this blog, architecture student Anita gives us her top tips for helping navigate the pressures of studying in a new environment away from home.

Finding quiet spots around campus for time out

Whether you want to read a book, meditate, journal or simply just relax with friends, Anastasia picks out quiet spaces around campus.

Budgeting as a student in London

Whether you rely on a maintenance loan, bursaries, parental support or part-time work, a budget is essential. Read Harry's advice on how to budget as a student in London.

How to make friends at university

One part of university life that many people worry about before arriving is making friends. Student Celine talks about how she built up her social life at UCL.

93% - The working-class student club tackling social mobility in Higher Education

Finley Wright, the 93% Club's marketing and communications director, explains the 93% Club at UCL, its principles, goals, and the #StateSchoolProud campaign. 

How to make the most out of your first week at UCL

Arriving at university for the first time is exciting, but also hectic! Ekta breaks down how to make the most of your first week.

A student’s guide to working a part-time job

Julian discusses how to balance working part-time with your study obligations while enrolled at The Bartlett.

I Green Heart Sustainable UCL

Did you know UCL works hard all year round towards its net zero carbon by 2030 commitment? Read more in Suthida's blog post.

Top 5 books to read this year

If you’re looking for a great read to keep your mind active, Azmina shares her top 5 recommendations.  

Top 5 podcasts to start listening to this year

Podcast enthusiast, Azmina, takes us through her top 5 built environment podcasts to check out.

Stage Crew Society - My First Show in Bloomsbury Theatre

Joining a society at university can help you learn new skills, meet new people and have fun, writes Karen.


International students

How to move a long way from home to study in London

Elizabeth moved from LA to London to study at The Bartlett. She shares her top tips on how to acclimatise to a new culture.

Postgraduate life of an Indian student in the UK

Alankrita moved to the UK from India. Here she shares her insights into studying in the UK.

Uni in the UK: What’s it really like?

Celine had a lot to learn when she started her studies at The Bartlett, after completing her undergraduate degree in the US and France.



Applying for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

Find out more about the application process for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme.

Applying to The Bartlett Promise Scholarship

Nora, first year undergraduate Architecture student, shares her experience of applying for The Bartlett Promise Scholarship.



    Inspiring women in the built environment

    To mark International Women’s Day, Sabelle shares her thoughts on gender equality in the built environment.

    Stories behind buildings

    Discover five facts you might not know about well-known London buildings, from Urban Regeneration student Georgios.

    Reflective wall with names inscribed
    Introducing Maya Lin

    Landscape Architecture MLA student Aurora Wang discusses how moved she is by Maya Lin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.

    Woman in Pakistani dress sits in front of a circular home on stilts built with traditional materials
    Women in the Built Environment

    Laura Dietzold, studying Architecture BSc, talks about some of the influential women architects that she believes deserve greater recognition.

    Drawing inspiration from the built environment

    Julian takes us through his top five places in London to visit to gather inspiration. 

    The Big Summer Reading Blog

    Our mega book recommendations blog, from our student ambassadors, will see you through summer and beyond.

    Microphone image
    The Big Summer Podcast Blog

    Our Student Ambassadors have put forward their favourites on the topic of the built environment, plus design, ideas and creativity.


    Person watching TV

    The Big Summer Film Blog

    Our Student Ambassadors have put forward their favourites on the topic of the built environment, plus design, ideas and creativity.



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