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The Big Summer Podcast Blog

If you’re looking for new podcasts to check out this summer, then look no further than our mega recommendations blog!

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Our Student Ambassadors have put forward their favourite podcasts on the topic of the built environment, plus design, ideas and creativity.

99% Invisible, hosted by Roman Mars

This podcast is for people who are interested in all things design. From the backstories of ABBA’s costume design to the how the urban layout of Japanese cities allows kids to get around independently, and from Balikbayan boxes sent by overseas Filipinos to their family members at home to why the Chinatown aesthetic in the U.S. can feel surprisingly foreign to people from China, 99% invisible reveals the hidden design and architecture marvels that shape our world, often unnoticed. Each episode is concise and thought-provoking, with a blend of captivating storytelling, expert interviews, and meticulous research. It will for sure change the way you view your surroundings.

I suggest giving ‘505: First Errand’ a listen to see if you like this series.

Nice Try! By Curbed

If 99% Invisible sounds right up your alley, you will equally enjoy Nice Try. Hosted by former producer and host for 99% Invisible, Avery Trufelman takes listeners on an exploration of the fascinating stories behind the attempts throughout history to create perfect societies, cities, and modern living. The first season ‘Utopian’ is about past design endeavours to create the perfect place and what we can learn when those schemes fail, while season two ‘Interior’ is all about the lifestyle products that have been sold to us and their promises of domestic improvement that have either been kept or broken.  

I suggest starting with ‘Chandigarh: The Modernist Utopia’ to see if you like this series

Articles of Interest, by Avery Trufleman 

If you enjoy Avery Trufleman’s podcast series as much as I do and care about what you wear, give Articles of Interest a go. This podcast series is about the hidden stories and social implications behind the clothes we wear. One of my favourite episodes is ‘Knockoffs’.

The Urbanist, by Monocle

In this podcast, experts discuss urban planning, design, and architecture from a global perspective. It examines the challenges faced by cities worldwide and the innovative solutions being implemented, providing invaluable inspiration for prospective students. 

Landscape Architecture Podcast, by Michael Todoran

This podcast explores a wide range of topics within landscape architecture, featuring interviews with leading professionals, educators, and innovators. Through in-depth conversations, it offers valuable insights into the industry's current trends, challenges, and emerging practices. 

Room 106, by Planning Magazine

This is probably the key planning podcasts for students studying and wanting to work in the UK. The podcast discusses various topics such as the housing crisis, new legislations, and recent planning news.

Bartlett Planning Podcast

I do not need to explain why this podcast is a must! Each month a researcher is being interviewed discussing their current research project / findings. It is also a great way to get to know professors working and teaching at the Bartlett.

City Space, by The Globe and Mail

This podcast discusses various topics in an easy and interesting way. The focus is more on cities in Canada or the US, but it is important to understand what other countries / cities are doing and how they are approaching planning difficulties.

Building Better: The Bartlett Podcast

Last but by no means least, The Bartlett Podcast! Hosted by our Dean Christoph Lindner, experts from The Bartlett and the built environment sector explore some of the world’s most important challenges, and how we can build better for everyone. Recent episodes include Black Voices in the Built Environment and Moving Protest Beyond Borders.