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Many Bartlett alumni go on to great things. In this section, we share some of their stories and experiences.

Time spent at The Bartlett can lead in many directions. Our alumni have gone on to become founders, directors and partners of some of the world’s leading built environment businesses. They’re also academics, writers, filmmakers, musicians, policy-makers, journalists and politicians. We share some of their stories below.

Lesley Lokko looks directly towards the camera
Lesley Lokko

Author, academic and alumna Lesley Lokko on how transplanting The Bartlett School of Architecture’s unit system to South Africa is opening up new possibilities to rewrite the country’s perception of the architect.

Find out more about Lesley at Bartlett100.com

Arya Taware delivers a talk in front of an audience
Arya Taware

Alumna and founder of FutureBricks Arya Taware is on a mission to democratise investing in property.

Find out more about Arya at Bartlett100.com

Narinder in a meeting in a central London location with a model of the famous London 'Gurkin' building next to him
Narinder Sagoo

Designer and alumnus Narinder Sagoo talks about his experiences at The Bartlett and his rise to Senior Partner at Foster + Partners.

Find out more about Narinder at Bartlett100.com

These stories were written as part of The Bartlett's centenary celebrations in 2019

In conversation with The Bartlett's Doctoral alumni

The Bartlett’s Doctoral alumni hold influential positions in leading universities and research organisations around the world. In this series of conversations with alumni, we celebrate their achievements, share their reminiscences and hear their tips for current Bartlett PhD students.

A headshot image of Hrishikesh
Hrishikesh Ballal
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
2015 graduate

A headshot of Carrie
Carrie Behar
UCL Energy Institute
2016 graduate

A headshot of Jo-Anne
Jo-Anne Bichard
School of Graduate Studies
2015 graduate


A headshot of Sarah
Sarah Cary
School of Planning
2015 graduate

A headshot of Jenny
Jenny Love
UCL Energy Institute
2014 graduate

A headshot of Tatiana
Tatiana Moreira de Souza
School of Planning
2016 graduate

Headshot of Sofie
Sofie Pelsmakers
UCL Energy Institute
2016 graduate

Headshot of Regner
Regner Ramos
School of Architecture
2017 graduate