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Outreach at The Bartlett

The Bartlett Outreach Team works with schools and students from groups who are underrepresented at university to encourage prospective learners to study with us at The Bartlett, UCL’s Faculty of the Built Environment. Our goal is to increase the proportion of students from underrepresented groups in our faculty.

Here at The Bartlett, we believe that everyone should have equal access to higher education. As such, we want to widen higher education access for underrepresented groups. To do this, we work with numerous organisations, schools, communities and students of all ages (pre and post-16). If you are a teacher or student that meets our eligibility criteria, we would love to work with you.

Our goal is to promote awareness, education and engagement with the Built Environment, to build a more diverse and inclusive faculty and to raise awareness of The Bartlett as a potential place to study.

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Information about activities and events we run for students

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Information about activities and events we run for schools and teachers

Bartlett Promise Scholarship

Our commitment to Outreach and widening participation in the Built Environment has led to the creation of the Bartlett Promise scholarship. This scholarship aims to enable students from backgrounds underrepresented in The Bartlett to pursue their studies with us.

The value includes full tuition fees plus an annual allowance to cover living and study expenses, for the normal duration of their degree programme at UCL. All Promise scholars will also receive ongoing academic and career support during their studies.

Find out more about The Bartlett Promise Scholarship

Get in touch

Send us an email to discuss how our outreach team can work with you: bartlett.outreach@ucl.ac.uk