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Outreach at The Bartlett

The Bartlett Outreach Team aim to encourage prospective learners to consider higher education at The Bartlett, UCL’s Faculty of the Built Environment.

Why we do Outreach

We want to widen higher education access for underrepresented groups. To do this, we work with numerous organisations, schools, communities and students of all ages (Pre- and Post-16).

Our goal is not only to increase diversity but to improve inclusivity and to raise awareness for The Bartlett.

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Schools we work with

To widen access to The Bartlett for underrepresented groups, we prioritise working with schools that meet two or more of our criteria: 

  • High Widening Participation intake (at pre and/or post 16)  
  • Low performing schools 
  • Postcode data showing levels of deprivation and progression to higher education 
  • Non selective state schools 
  • High achieving students with a keen interest in creative subjects (Design technology, Art or any that has expressed to teachers that they are interested in architecture, planning or construction)

Latest Outreach news 

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Upcoming Outreach events

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The Bartlett Promise Scholarship

Bartlett Promise Scholarship

This scholarship aims to enable students from backgrounds underrepresented in The Bartlett, UCL’s Faculty of the Built Environment to pursue their studies at The Bartlett. The value includes full tuition fees plus an annual allowance to cover living and study expenses, for the normal duration of the programme at UCL. All Promise scholars will also receive ongoing academic and career support during their studies. 

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Bartlett Outreach Student Ambassadors Recruitment

The Bartlett Outreach Team wouldn't be able to carry out all these activities without our amazing outreach ambassadors. Our ambassadors assist on school visits, support Bartlett staff and share their experiences as a student at The Bartlett with our audience. Our student ambassadors work with the outreach team by supporting the widening participation projects and events that provide opportunities for students from underrepresented backgrounds to gain further insight into The Bartlett and higher education and provide information and motivation to school/college students.

We welcome applications from all Bartlett students.

Benefits of becoming a student ambassador

As part of the Bartlett outreach community, you can expect to gain a lot from your time as an ambassador, in addition to monetary payment for your work, you can also expect to receive a range of transferable skills including presenting, public speaking, time management, and communication skills.  

Experience on build projects, networking with Built Environment professionals, and a great addition to your CV for future employment.

Essential Information
  • All ambassador work is paid at £11.15 per hour plus holiday pay.
  • Ambassadors are paid via Unitemps once registered. 
  • Ambassadors should be current students at the Bartlett.
  • All ambassadors will receive comprehensive training before they start working.
  • All work is flexible, providing an opportunity to work around your academic timetable
  • Ambassador work is on an ad-hoc basis so we cannot confirm how many hours you’ll work
  • All ambassadors are expected to attempt to do at least one shift per term
How to apply

Application for the 2022/23 academic year is now open

Apply Here

If you have any questions, please email the Bartlett Outreach Team on Bartlett.outreach@ucl.ac.uk 

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