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Design Unlimited

two kids in high-viz jackets work to make wooden structure together

The Bartlett has partnered with MATT+FIONA to collaborate on an innovative, early-stage outreach programme open to all London state schools, with a focus on students in Years 7-9. The programme aims to raise aspirations, empower young people to physically realise the ideas in their imaginations and enable an effective pathway for young people from underrepresented groups into the built environment industries.

The outreach programme is aimed at young people at KS3. Reaching young people at this point in their school career enables them to choose their future qualifications early enough to access to the built environment industries, should they be interested in this pathway.

Through a series of workshops, students will develop the brief and designs for an installation or piece of furniture. The brief will be determined by the students themselves and the workshops will take place in the spring at both the schools and UCL.

The programme includes design and making workshops that scale up to ultimately create real life spaces. The first year of the programme worked with St Paul’s Way Trust School, the Design Museum and Bartlett Student Ambassadors.


To widen access to The Bartlett for underrepresented groups, we prioritise working with schools that meet two or more of our criteria:

  • London Non-selective state schools 
  • High proportion of Free School Meals/Pupil Premium Intake
  • Low performing schools
  • Postcode data showing levels of deprivation and low progression to higher education 
  • High-achieving students with a keen interest in creative subjects (design technology, art or any that has expressed to teachers that they are interested in architecture, planning or construction)

How to apply

We will be running this programme again in 2024 with a different cohort of young people. 

If you would like your school to be considered for a place on Design Unlimited, please express your interest by completing the form when it becomes available, which will ask for information about the school you work at. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on bartlett.outreach@ucl.ac.uk