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We don’t work in isolation. Engagement, collaboration and innovation with enterprises, policymakers and local communities is a key part of what we do at The Bartlett, and the cornerstone of our research impact. Find out how you can get involved.
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Innovation and Enterprise

Enterprise partnerships at The Bartlett take a number of forms, including bespoke training, knowledge transfer, and new ideas for startups.

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Public Policy

We work with local, national and international policymakers, providing evidence, expertise and advisory services to help inform their work.

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The Bartlett Community of Engagers

The Bartlett Community of Engagers provides a space for Bartlett staff and students to share their experiences and promote a culture of engaged research and learning.

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We partner with schools to encourage young learners to study with us, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds.

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International Engagement

We are an international faculty working across education, research and public engagement with partners from around the globe.

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Impact at The Bartlett

Resources for Bartlett-affiliated researchers who want to engage and collaborate with external partners.


Find out how we can work with your organisation:

Vice-Dean (Enterprise)
Rokia Raslan
Email: r.raslan@ucl.ac.uk 

Faculty Impact Manager
Tadhg Caffrey
Email: t.caffrey@uc.ac.uk

Faculty Impact Lead
Gemma Moore
Email: gemma.moore@ucl.ac.uk

Research and Enterprise Manager 
Ella Sivyer
Email: e.sivyer@ucl.ac.uk

Faculty Lead for Public Policy
Dr Kate Roll
Email: k.roll@ucl.ac.uk

Senior Outreach Officer
Kemi Hassan
Email: bartlett.outreach@ucl.ac.uk