The Bartlett


A Bartlett for everyone

Our blueprint for a more inclusive faculty

Who we are

The Bartlett is a global faculty, and our reputation attracts students and academics from across the world. We’ve spent the past 100 years breaking down boundaries to improve the spaces that humans inhabit and influence. This makes us one of the oldest and most radical institutions of our kind.

But we’ve not earned that reputation by resting on our laurels. The 21st century brings with it a new set of challenges. As the world around us and the communities we serve continually change, we must take note. We must not only keep pace with these changes, but use our privileged position to lead. 

At the moment, however, we are failing to meet these challenges head on, as we must. 

The Bartlett must do more to serve our collective futures. To appreciate different ways of viewing and understanding the world - based on our race, gender or any other factor that shapes our experiences. 

Our courses are too Eurocentric, with our teaching sometimes reliant on a Westernised academic viewpoint. Our students and staff consist of a small number of ethnicities and social backgrounds. Black, minority ethnic and working class communities are significantly underrepresented.

We want to carry on working and teaching at the cutting edge of our industries. We can’t afford to fall behind in any part of what we do, let alone on such important issues.

A student completing some written work using a pen and paper
Who we want to be

To build a better future, first we need to build a better Bartlett. One where everyone has space to be their authentic self, no matter their background, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or beliefs. 

We’re not here to mould you into our idea of an architect, planner, or facilities manager. Come with an idea of who you might be, and allow us to nurture it, so you can take that back into the world.

To do this we are radically rethinking our academic approach from top to bottom. We are challenging the priority that has traditionally been given to white, male, Western voices and the established ‘canon’ of textbooks and teaching materials.

We want our students to be empowered to speak out where they see opportunities to educate others in ways that improve or critically engage with the curriculum. By doing this, we all share responsibility for creating an inclusive education.

We are working hard to rebalance our staff and student cohort and better reflect the world and communities we live in and serve. 

We want to call ourselves a truly inclusive faculty and ensure The Bartlett is for you.

Three young women wait for their interview at 22 Gordon Street, the home of The Bartlett School of Architecture
Join us

To achieve our vision of a truly inclusive Bartlett, we need your help. You’re going to have to throw away preconceptions and think in ways you haven't before. And that we haven't before either. 

It might not be an easy journey, but it’s one we have to take.

No matter who you are, or where you’ve come from, we want to hear from you, and we want you to consider us. Together we can build the world of tomorrow. It’s vital that we get this right.

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