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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Find out more about equality, diversity and inclusion at The Bartlett, from policies to practice.

Our vision

"Working towards equality, diversity and inclusion should challenge us and disrupt our current systems, attitudes and behaviours. Without such disruption we risk tweaking the edges of inequality. I am proud to belong to a Faculty that is aware of the scale of the challenge before us and committed to taking leaps to address it. EDI at The Bartlett means building a better present and future for us all."

Dr Kamna Patel, Vice-Dean (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)


A Bartlett for everyone

Our blueprint for a more inclusive faculty.

Students waiting to be interviewed for a place at The Bartlett School of Architecture

The Bartlett Promise

The Promise Scholarship aims to enable UK domiciled students with home fee status from backgrounds underrepresented in The Bartlett to pursue their undergraduate, master's or PhD studies with us.

Race and Spatial Justice Recruitment Focus image

Race and Spatial Justice Recruitment Focus

A new initiative welcoming diverse thinkers, researchers, and teachers from across the world to come and work with us.

An image of Christoph Lindner standing in front of student work at 22 Gordon Street, London, home of The Bartlett School of Architecture

The Bartlett Dean’s Race Equality Pledges 2020

Find out more about The Bartlett Dean's pledges for racial equality in our community.

Anthea Swan Broze Award

Policies and Guidance

EDI-related policies and guidance, as well as support networks for staff and students.

Two women from BAME backgrounds at UCL

Bartlett EDI Group

The Bartlett EDI Group tackles key staff and student EDI issues.

A group of students and staff at a crit taking place at UCL Here East

Bartlett EDI Contacts

Key EDI contacts within The Bartlett and UCL.

Members of Out@UCL marching in the 2018 London Pride parade

EDI in Practice

Information on schemes and ideas to improve our practices.

News and events:

New! Inclusive Spaces event series

Text reads: The Bartlett Inclusive Spaces on purple background with large graphic letters I and S partially outlined in orange

How can we break down systematic inequalities in urban spaces? How can we build better for everyone?

The Bartlett’s monthly Inclusive Spaces event series explores equity, diversity and inclusion in the built environment.

Join us each month as we delve into the latest research and ideas from The Bartlett’s world-leading thinkers on race, gender, LGBTQ+, disability – and other dimensions of diversity in the built environment.

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Training and workshops: