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List of current MPhil/PhD Students and Thesis Titles

Biological Anthropology

Aalaa Al-Shamahi Christophe Soligo
Megan ArnotEvolution of the MenopauseRuth Mace
Nicole BarberPhylogeny, form and function of primate tarsal bonesChristophe Soligo and Anjali Goswami (NHM)
Paul BarnesPeople, parks and Attenborough's echidna: The political ecology of conservation in the Cyclops Mountains, PapuaKatherine Homewood and Samuel Turvey (Institute of Zoology, ZSL)
Eva BrandlCultural transmission, teaching, and children's development in VanuatuRuth Mace and Emily Emmott
Matilda BrindleAutosexual Behaviour in Primates: Form, Function and PhylogenyVolker Sommer and Guy Cowlishaw
Sarah Brooke Katherine Homewood

Thomas Fry

The socio-political dimensions of rewilded eagles on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Katherine Homewood and Rosaleen Duffy (Sheffield)
Hester HanegraefFacial morphology of Australopithecus afarensis: exploring intraspecific variation in juman evolutionFred Spoor (NHM) and Christophe Soligo
Michael HanksA model of human evolution in EuropeMaría Martinón-Torres
Shruti KamathVirtual Analysis of the Lower Premolar Crown Morphology of the Atapuerca Hominins – Taxonomic and Phylogenetic Inferences for the Early and Middle Pleistocene in EuropeMaría Martinón-Torres and Christophe Soligo
Laura Kor

Plant conservation in Colombia: Integrating ecological approaches and local knowledge for the protection of useful plant species

Katherine Homewood, Terry Dawson (KCL), Mauricio Diazgranados (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Helen MullerUnderstanding the socio-ecological impacts of the trophy hunting moratorium in BotswanaEmily Woodhouse, Marcus Rowcliffe (Institute of Zoology, ZSL)
Sahil NijhawanHuman-animal relations and the role of cultural norms in tiger conservation in the Idu Mishmis of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaKatherine Homewood and Jerome Lewis 
Ally PalmerEthical questions in orangutan conservationVolker Sommer and Marc Brightman
Sarah PeaceyCooperation, reputation and beliefRuth Mace and Nichola Raihani
Vittoria RoattiUnderstanding constraints on horizontal and vertical information transmission in baboons: Implications for the evolution of cultureVolker Sommer and Alecia Carter
Kristen SteeleEel fisheries from local to global: Drivers of exploitation and prospects for sustainabilityCaroline Garaway and Katherine Homewood 
Anna WestlandIntraspecific variation of cranial morphology in HominoideaChristophe Soligo and Aida Gomez-Robles
Anas YahayaQuantification of differences in the levels of facial asymmetry of Hausa ethnic group in Nigeria, correlation between socioeconomic status and medical historyChristophe Soligo and Ruth Mace
Hanzhi (May) ZhangDiversification and Extinction Processes in Cultural EvolutionRuth Mace

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Material Culture

Gabrielle AckroydFinancial and symbolic intersections of the house in the Irish RepublicVictor Buchli and Adam Drazin
Jo AikenMaking Martians: Creating otherworldly personhood and subjectivitySusanne Küchler, Victor Buchli, Adam Drazin, and Christina Wasson (USA-UNT)
Rosalie Allain'The gold is gone': Techniques of resource making and value transformations amongst the Gbaya of Cameroon Ludovic Coupaye and Jerome Lewis
Maria AngelColombia's digit@l orph@ns and childless p@rents: Maintaining sentiments across national bordersSusanne Küchler and Rodney Reynolds
Dan ArtusThe Epidemiology of Truth: A Multi-method Ethnography of Vaccination in the Republic of IrelandHannah Knox, Aaron Parkhurst, Heidi Larson
Harshadha BalasubramanianAn Anthropology of Immersive Media in Bristol, UKHaidy Geismar and Eleanor Dare (Royal College of Art)
Ana Carolina (Carol) Balthazar
The consumption of time and the regeneration of lives in Margate, UKDaniel Miller and Martin Holbraad
Prasad BoradkarThe Social Life of Copper in Tambat Ali, Pune, India [working title]Adam Drazin and Suzanne Küchler
Vindhya ButhpitiyaSmoke, Shadow, Light: Conflict, Popular Photography and the Tamil Imagi-Nation in Post-War Sri LankaChristopher Pinney and Tariq Jazeel (UCL Geography)
Jennifer Cearns'Peering into the future': Sharing, materiality and the internet between Cuban Miami and Cuba Daniel Miller and Mette Berg
Dave CookDigital Nomads and Imagined Worlds of WorkHannah Knox and Adam Drazin
Timothy P.A. CooperMoral Atmospheres: Interdiction and Reproduction in Marketplace PakistanChristopher Pinney and Haidy Geismar 
Nicole CristiSituated ‘technologies’: Technical objects, technical systems and technical activities on the category of ‘tecnología’ on spaces of digital fabrication in the central valley of ChileLudovic Coupaye
Jack DavyMiniaturisation: A study of a material culture practice among the indigenous peoples of the Pacific NorthwestLudovic Coupaye and Jago Cooper
Pauline DestréeFashioning the 'Dumsocracy': Light, power and race in Ghanaian electrical infrastructure Christopher Pinney, Hannah Knox and Stephanie Newell (Yale) 
Chloe DominiqueQueer sex work(er): Identity as PraxisLudovic Coupaye and Victor Buchli
Hui Lok HangLiving with Butsudan: Finding Care in Japanese HomesAdam Drazin, Rebecca Empson
Emilie GlazerInfrastructures of water and care: examining the interface of water safety, systems of care and technoscience in the AnthropoceneHannah Knox, Sahra Gibbon and Jerome Lewis
Jenny GorbanenkoThe International Space Station and the Russian Orthodox Church: extra-terrestrial worlding of the Russian Orthodox ChristiansVictor Buchli, Timothy Carroll

Andrea Lathrop

Media Temporality and the persistence of Polaroid in the Digital Age

Christopher Pinney and Hannah Knox
Julian Riveros ClavijoA tale of development and Migration: a multi-sited digital ethnography of the mobilizations of Afro-Colombian from the Pacific Region to ChileHannah Knox and Lewis Daly
Camilla SundwallMaterial relationships: From industrial design to every day lifeSusanne Küchler and Adam Drazin
Hannah Swee Susanne Küchler
Emma TillforsCreativity, Solidarity, and Transnational Economic Resilience in a Diasporic Fashion IndustrySusanne Kuechler and Adam Drazin
Francisco VergaraAndean Rhythms. Time, Practices and identities among Central Andean MestizosChris Tilley and Ludovic Coupaye
Saffron WoodcraftVoid potential: Absence, imagination and the making of community in East London Victor Buchli and Hannah Knox
Yunchang YangPhotography and social life: An ethnography of Chinese amateur photography onlineChristopher Pinney and Hannah Knox

Aliça Okumura-Zimmerlin

Anthropology of Outer-Space: Worlding at JAXA

Victor Buchli, Aaron Parkhurst and Denis Vidal (EHESS/CNRS)

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Medical Anthropology

Caroline AckleyNegotiations of intimacy and morality in Hargeysa, SomalilandSara Randall and Jo Cook
María Ignacia Arteaga PérezCare as a world-making project: Everyday experiences of colorectal cancer treatments in LondonSahra Gibbon and Jo Cook

Andrea Bravo Díaz

Along the roads. An ethnography of the Waorani sensorial ‘living well’Sara Randall and Marc Brightman
Paula BronsonLiving with chronic pain in rural Nepal: a clinical ethnography on resilienceJoe Calabrese and Aaron Parkhurst
Annamaria Dall'AneseThe Work of the Visually Impaires: An Ethnography of Visually Impaired People in an English Metropolitan CityJoe Calabrese and Christopher Pinney
Elizabeth ElliottA medical landscape in LaosJoe Calabrese, Michael Heinrich (Pharmacy)
Ben EpsteinDisaster Mental Health: Research and Practice in JapanAaron Parkhurst, Joe Calabrese, Roland Littlewood
Rebecca IronsPlanning Quechua families: Indigenous subjectivities, inequality and kinship within the Peruvian family planning landscapeSahra Gibbon and Jennie Gamlin
Maria LarrainUntangling Tongue-tie – Cutting Through the Medicalisation of Breastfeeding in the UKSahra Gibbon, Aaron Parkhurst and Charlotte Faircloth (IOE)
Katrine NohrMaternal Health and Human RightsDavid Napier
Jarrard O'BrienIntergenerational Impacts: How colonisation impacts experience of healthcareSahra Gibbon and Joseph Calabrese
Caitlin O'GradyHIV/AIDS in India: Western-oriented health care and traditional schemas of spiritual pollutionDavid Napier and Sahra Gibbon
Cristina PerezChildlessness and parenthood in Colombia: Exploring changing family forms in a context of socio-demographic transition Sara Randall and Lucio Vinicius
Ciaran TobinTibetan Mind Science and Western Mental Health: A Cultural Congruence FrameworkJoseph Calabrese and Joanna Cook
Rebecca WilliamsThe limits of care: Border implementation at the end of lifeSahra Gibbon and James Wilson (Philosophy)

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Social Anthropology

Toyin AgbetuThe gentrification of protest? A study of activism in East LondonHaidy Geismar, Michael Stewart and Catalin Brylla (UWL)
Tess AltmanThe unfair go: Fairness, neighbourliness and humanitarianism among volunteers supporting people seeking asylum in AustraliaRuth Mandel, Kimberly Chong, David Napier and Ghassan Hage (Uni of Melbourne)
Charles BeachFrontera Combustible: Conceptualising sovereign powers through the experiences of petrol smugglers on Colombia's border with VenezuelaLucia Michelutti and Rebecca Empson
Lindsay BishopSmoke, smell and skins: Hierarchy in heavy metalSusanne Küchler, Allen Abramson and Titus Hjelm

Joseph Buckley

Linguistic Anthropology of UzbekistanAlexandra Pillen
Gwen BurnyeatThe face of peace: government "Peace Pedagogy" in Colombia's TransitionLucia Michelutti and Michael Stewart
Giulia Cavicchioli De TogniSurviving the disasters: An ethnographic account Of Japan 3.11 survivors' coping strategies with the risk of radiationAlexandra Pillen, Ben Rampton (KCL) and Ito Kimio (Kyoto University)
Ulrike CoklCultural hospitality practices, tourism and the economy of relationships in Bhutan: A view from a Bhutanese villageDavid Napier, Joe Calabrese and Geoffrey Samuel
Carolina ComandulliVision, thought and action in an Amazonian frontier: contemporary life and innovation in an Ashaninka villageJerome Lewis
Gill ConquestDesigns for the pluriverse? Assembling power and knowledge in extreme citizen scienceJerome Lewis and Marc Brightman
Alonso Zamora CoronaTime and power among the K'iche' MayaMartin Holbraad
Sabine de GraafA future in the making: Waiting, hoping and networking. A research project on Syrian refugees in Greece navigating the uncertainties of their situationRuth Mandel and Henrietta Moore (IGP) 
Georgia EfremovaAlternative social movements in the Czech RepublicMichael Stewart
Dominic EslerCatholicism among Sri Lankan TamilsAlex Pillen and Rebecca Empson
Stefan FaVoices of joy and regret: Sound, performance and listening in contemporary Turkish Shī'ismRuth Mandel and Martin Stokes (KCL)
Tobia FarnettiThe Blur of Modernity: Essentialism, Affect and Everyday Life in TokyoMartin Holbraad and Rebecca Empson
Liz Fox Rebecca Empson and Alex Pillen 
Laura Haapio-KirkAgeing with Smartphones in JapanDaniel Miller and Inge Daniels (co-supervisor, University of Oxford), Adam Drazin
Simon HoyteOf Gorillas and Grandfathers: From bioimperial to biocultural conservation amongst Baka hunter-gatherers of CameroonJerome Lewis; Emily Woodhouse; Muki Haklay
Izzy Gibbin Alex Pillen and Nick Wilson
Lydia GibsonWhere the Endangered Things Are: parrots, power, and the value of knowledge in conservation spacesKatherine Homewood and Hannah Knox 
Katrina Holland


Human-dog relationships at the nexus of dog training and scientific research

Sahra Gibbon and Rebecca Empson
Farhana HoqueThe journal of cultural identity in Chittagong Hill Tracts: A transgenerational approachRoland Littlewood and Susanne Küchler
Maria IancuAda Kaleh tales: Topographies of displacement, memory and translocal imaginariesCharles Stewart and Ger Duijzings
Alexia LiakounakouAustere beauty: Cosmetic medicine in Greece during the financial crisisCharles Stewart and Joe Calabrese
Charlotte Loris-RodionoffSyrians in revolution and exile: An ethnography of the everyday life on the Syrian-Turkish BorderMartin Holbraad and Charles Stewart
Rebecca LynchCosmologies of control: Self, spirits and agency in contemporary TrinidadRoland Littlewood and Allen Abramson
Lorna MumfordAn ethnographic exploration of nonreligious 'cosmic and social imaginaries' and notions of the 'good'Charles Stewart
and Allen Abramson
Aeron O'Connor

Syntheses of knowledge and networks of cultural production in and through Tajik cities

Alex Pillen and Victor Buchli 
Fiacha O'DowdaEcologies of Desire: Constituting Life in the Forests of North East MadagascarJerome Lewis and Ludovic Coupaye
Salim Aykut Öztürk Armenians between Istanbul and Armenia: An ethnography of communal identity in transnational contextsRuth Mandel and Susan Pattie
Johanna PerezThe spirits' power: Violence and magic in Colombia Eastern Plains region Lucia Michelutti and Martin Holbraad
Ellen PottsThe UK Climate Camp movement towards radical solutions to climate changeJerome Lewis
Adam RunacresEngaging conservation: Forest-employed villagers and intervention bureaucracies in central IndiaKatherine Homewood and Jerome Lewis 
Hermione SpriggsTraps as Artworks and Artworks as TrapsMartin Holbraad and David Burrows (Slade School of Fine Art)
Rafael Fuentes TarinCalendars & Power: Unravelling the political economy of Sikh timekeeping practices in PunjabLucia Michelutti and Charles Stewart
Rose TaylorContested Spaces: Negotiating Native American Artistic Identity in Los AngelesHaidy Geismar and Joseph Calabrese
Kaya Uzel

Why Burkina hasn’t existed yet. Revolutionary Paradoxes and the Political Imagination in Burkina Faso

Martin Holbraad and Hélène Neveu Kringelbach (UCL African Studies)
Alice VittoriaContested Forests in the Congo Basin: Logging, Conservation and the BaYakaJerome Lewis and Lewis Daly
Haichao WangBeyond Huifang Jamaat: modernity and religiosity among Chinese Hui MuslimsDaniel Miller and Kimberly Chong
Kelsey WeberPractices of Belonging: Identity Among Polish Tatar WomenRuth Mandel and Michał Murawski
David WhyteCold water relations: Surfing waves and weather on Ireland's Atlantic coastAllen Abramson and Charles Stewart
Kakanang Yavaprabhas

The values of ordination: The bhikkhuni, gender, and Thai society

David Napier and Joanna Cook 

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