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List of current MPhil/PhD Students and Thesis Titles

Biological Anthropology

Aalaa Al-Shamahi Christophe Soligo
Nicole BarberPhylogeny, form and function of primate tarsal bonesChristophe Soligo and Anjali Goswami (NHM)
Sarah Brooke Katherine Homewood
Yuan ChenComparative study of social organisation and work burden in ChinaRuth Mace
Sonia DhandaRoots, routes, and regulations: ayurvedic herbal trade in the UKEmily Woodhouse, Lewis Daly, Alex Antonelli (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Erhao GeThe evolution of religious celibacyRuth Mace
Laura Kor

Plant conservation in Colombia: Integrating ecological approaches and local knowledge for the protection of useful plant species

Katherine Homewood, Terry Dawson (KCL), Mauricio Diazgranados (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)
Vittoria RoattiUnderstanding constraints on horizontal and vertical information transmission in baboons: Implications for the evolution of cultureVolker Sommer and Alecia Carter
Gabriella SantiniHerder-Lion Entanglements in the Maasai Mara: An Exploration of ConservationEmily Woodhouse and Sarah Durant
Kristen SteeleEel fisheries from local to global: Drivers of exploitation and prospects for sustainabilityCaroline Garaway and Katherine Homewood 
Anna WestlandIntraspecific variation of cranial morphology in HominoideaChristophe Soligo and Aida Gomez-Robles

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Material Culture

Maria AngelColombia’s Digit@l Orph@ns and Childless P@rents: Maintaining sentiments across national bordersSusanne Küechler and Allen Abramson
Dan ArtusThe Epidemiology of Truth: A Multi-method Ethnography of Vaccination in the Republic of IrelandHannah Knox, Aaron Parkhurst, Heidi Larson
Harshadha BalasubramanianAn Anthropology of Immersive Media in Bristol, UKHaidy Geismar and Eleanor Dare (Royal College of Art)
Dave CookDigital Nomads and Imagined Worlds of WorkHannah Knox and Adam Drazin
Nicole CristiSituated ‘technologies’: Technical objects, technical systems and technical activities on the category of ‘tecnología’ on spaces of digital fabrication in the central valley of ChileLudovic Coupaye
Elena Z. DenniePnevma Resonance: Performance Art Making in Athens, GreeceLudovic Coupaye and Rafael Schacter
Chloe DominiqueQueer sex work(er): Identity as PraxisLudovic Coupaye and Victor Buchli
Juan Forero DuarteCitizenships of peace: An ethnographic study of digital education projects in post-conflict ColombiaHannah Knox, Tone Walford
Jenia GorbanenkoSpace exploration in the Russian Orthodox Christian perspectiveVictor Buchli, Timothy Carroll
Hui Lok HangLiving with Butsudan: Finding Care in Japanese HomesAdam Drazin, Rebecca Empson
Vincent HasselbachArchiving 1971: contemporary circulations of photography from the Bangladesh Liberation WarRafael Schacter and Christopher Pinney
Sarica Robyn Balsari-PalsuleOcclusion and Visibility: Visual Representation and the Mumbai Parsi communityChristopher Pinney and Rafael Schacter
Alice RiddellCitizen App and the Digital Panopticon: Lateral Surveillance and Live Crime Tracking in New York City NeighbourhoodsDaniel Miller, Hannah Knox and Haidy Geismar
Julian Riveros ClavijoA tale of development and Migration: a multi-sited digital ethnography of the mobilizations of Afro-Colombian from the Pacific Region to ChileHannah Knox and Lewis Daly
Camilla SundwallMaterial relationships: From industrial design to every day lifeSusanne Küchler and Adam Drazin
Francisco VergaraAndean Rhythms. Time, Practices and identities among Central Andean MestizosChris Tilley and Ludovic Coupaye

Aliça Okumura-Zimmerlin

Anthropology of Outer-Space: Worlding at JAXA

Victor Buchli, Aaron Parkhurst and Denis Vidal (EHESS/CNRS)

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Medical Anthropology

Paula BronsonLiving with chronic pain in rural Nepal: a clinical ethnography on resilienceJoe Calabrese and Aaron Parkhurst
Ben EpsteinDisaster Mental Health: Research and Practice in JapanAaron Parkhurst, Joe Calabrese, Roland Littlewood
Connie JonesCommuning with the Spirit World: An Ethnographic Study Amongst Contemporary Spiritualists in the UKJoanna Cook and Timothy Carroll
Maria LarrainUntangling Tongue-tie – Cutting Through the Medicalisation of Breastfeeding in the UKSahra Gibbon, Aaron Parkhurst and Charlotte Faircloth (IOE)
Xiaolin LiThe menstrual body reimagined: menstruation, digital period-tracking, and sexuality in ChinaDaniel Miller and Vivienne Lo
Rosie MathersIs there a physiological glass ceiling? A biosocial exploration of women, work, and healthSahra Gibbon, Anne McMunn and Emily Emmott
Katrine NohrMaternal Health and Human RightsDavid Napier
Jarrard O'BrienIntergenerational Impacts: How colonisation impacts experience of healthcareSahra Gibbon and Joseph Calabrese
Joseph Roman TulasiewiczCan't Stop? Understanding Internet Addiction and its TreatmentJoanna Cook and Tone Walford
Rebecca WilliamsThe Limits of Care: Justifiable forms of exclusion and neglect in English healthcare systemsSahra Gibbon and James Wilson (Philosophy)

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Social Anthropology

Charles BeachFrontera Combustible: Conceptualising sovereign powers through the experiences of petrol smugglers on Colombia's border with VenezuelaLucia Michelutti and Rebecca Empson
Lindsay BishopSmoke, smell and skins: Hierarchy in heavy metalSusanne Küchler, Allen Abramson and Titus Hjelm
Amy BuckleyThe cultures political participation in UKIP (U.K. Independence Party). An Ethnographic exploration of English Nationalism in a coastal town in South East EssexLucia Michelutti and Ana Carolina Barreto Balthazar

Joseph Buckley

Linguistic Anthropology of UzbekistanAlexandra Pillen
Catherine Clarke

Conservation politics and Indigenous peoples’ rights in the Colombian Amazon: The negotiation and implementation of area-based conservation targets

Katherine Homewood and Lewis Daly
Yichao DuMatter or Not: Non-CPC Political Parties in Contemporary ChinaKimberly Chong and Lucia Michelutti 
David EdgarGood Bodies: Affective Economies of Fitness in “Pre-Post-Conflict” Urban ColombiaAaron Parkhurt, Miranda Sheild Johansson and Lucia Michelutti
Sabine de GraafA future in the making: Waiting, hoping and networking. A research project on Syrian refugees in Greece navigating the uncertainties of their situationRuth Mandel and Henrietta Moore (IGP) 
Simon HoyteOf Gorillas and Grandfathers: From bioimperial to biocultural conservation amongst Baka hunter-gatherers of CameroonJerome Lewis; Emily Woodhouse; Muki Haklay
Jen LoganPreparing for life and death while awaiting the Second Coming: an intergenerational study of uncertainty and meaning-making in a Seventh-Day Adventist Theology CollegeJoanna Cook and Timothy Carroll
Fiacha O'DowdaEcologies of Desire: Constituting Life in the Forests of North East MadagascarJerome Lewis and Ludovic Coupaye
Eric Orlowski‘Moving too fast and breaking the wrong things?’ – Imagined futures, posthuman emergence, and risk thinking among proponents of human augmentation technologies in SwedenCharles Stewart and Tone Walford
Andrew SangerRe-enchanting the Earth: Dance as an Environmental Practice in the United KingdomHélène Neveu Kringelbach and Jerome Lewis
Sahib Singh'We will not give our jal, jangal, zameen!' - Moral atmospheres of resistance and heterogenous ontologies in central IndiaKatherine Homewood and Lewis Daly
Hermione SpriggsTraps as Artworks and Artworks as TrapsMartin Holbraad and David Burrows (Slade School of Fine Art)
Rafael Fuentes TarinCalendars & Power: Unravelling the political economy of Sikh timekeeping practices in PunjabLucia Michelutti and Charles Stewart
Rose TaylorContested Spaces: Negotiating Native American Artistic Identity in Los AngelesHaidy Geismar and Rafael Schacter
Campbell ThomsonUnderstanding Freedom Movement Activism in the United KingdomCharles Stewart and Rik Adriaans
Alice VittoriaContested Forests in the Congo Basin: Logging, Conservation and the BaYakaJerome Lewis and Lewis Daly
Haichao WangBeyond Huifang Jamaat: modernity and religiosity among Chinese Hui MuslimsDaniel Miller and Kimberly Chong
Kelsey WeberPractices of Belonging: Identity Among Polish Tatar WomenRuth Mandel and Michał Murawski
Kellynn WeeDungeons and Dragons: Narrativity, contingency and play in Singapore and New ZealandDaniel Miller and Haidy Geismar
Kunyu XiangShort video social media use in a Chinese county-level city undergoing urbanizationDaniel Miller and Rik Adriaans
Bo YangSymbiotic Species, Symbiotic Relationships: Pursuing More-than-human Liveability on the Tibetan PlateauLewis Daly and Emily Woodhouse

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