UCL Anthropology


About UCL Anthropology

We are a broad based department comprised of five sub-sections: Evolutionary and Environmental Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Material Culture, Medical Anthropology and Public Anthropology.

Our research expertise covers over 60 countries and the whole human story from our earliest origins to today's digital age. The department is ranked 4th in the world (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022) and is a great place for you to learn the art and science of studying people.

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Evolutionary and Environmental Anthropology

The study of the evolution and ecology of humans and other primates as well as conservation and human development.

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Social Anthropology

Comparatively studies the ways in which people live in different social and cultural settings across the globe.

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Material Culture

Empirical study of the material and digital world or how people make, exchange and consume objects around the world.

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Medical Anthropology

Examines how culture influences the experience of illness, practice of medicine and process of healing for the individual and community.

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Public Anthropology

Explores what kind of research and insight arises when the boundaries between a university and its surrounding social world are broken down.