UCL Anthropology


UCL Anthropology

We study humanity in all its aspects: from our evolution as a species, to our relationship with the material/digital world, and our vast variety of social practices and cultural forms.

Our department is one of the few in the country that combines Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Material Culture and Medical Anthropology to give you a truly broad-based anthropology degree. The breadth and depth of this interdisciplinary approach is reflected in our teaching and research.



UCL Anthropology - Graduate Open Day

UCL Anthropology Graduate Open Day

Cancellation - Graduate Open Day on 4 December has been cancelled due to planned industrial action

4 December 2019


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Studying Anthropology at UCL

Four undergraduate students talk about what anthropology is to them and why they are studying the subject.

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Media Highlight

Higher Education Today - Living in Social Media

In this interview hosted by Steven Roy Goodman, Prof Daniel Miller talked about cutting-edge social media research and unexpected, innovative findings.

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