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UCL Anthropology

We study humanity in all its aspects: from our evolution as a species, to our relationship with the material/digital world, and our vast variety of social practices and cultural forms.

Our department is one of the few in the country that combines Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Material Culture and Medical Anthropology to give you a truly broad-based anthropology degree. The breadth and depth of this interdisciplinary approach is reflected in our teaching and research.

Black Lives Matter and the “I Can’t Breathe” Anti-Racism Protests

Read UCL Anthropology’s statement and position on racism and the on-going protests.

Covid-19 Research at UCL Anthropology

Follow the current research initiatives on Covid-19 in the department.

Studying Anthropology at UCL

Watch some of our students talk about what anthropology is to them and why they are studying the subject.

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Find out why Fred chose to study Anthropology at UCL and how he combined his passion for Brazilian Jujitsu with his studies and research.

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Listen to Sarah and Delphine talk about using objects in the UCL Ethnography Collection for research on tattoos.

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During his Anthropology BSc at UCL Michael chose to focus on the value of community spaces in London and what the role of sound and music is in it.


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