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UCL Urban Laboratory's cutting-edge urban agenda is driven by a multi-disciplinary network of urban experts, students, and visiting researchers from around the world.




Clare Melhuish

  • Director of UCL Urban Laboratory
  • Principal Research Associate
University-led urban regeneration; Modern Movement architectural heritage and social identity; domestic space and cultures; ethnography of architectural design practice; curating the city
Centre Manager

Sophie Mepham

  • Centre Manager of UCL Urban Laboratory
Cultural heritage; urban regeneration; art history; public space

Pushpa Arabindoo

  • Associate Professor of Geography and Urban Design
Wastelands; urbanisation, public space and political activism in India; cities and climate change.

Matthew Beaumont

  • Professor of Nineteenth-Century Literature
Night-time city; utopia in fiction writing; urban representations; thinking the city.

Camillo Boano

  • Professor of Urban Design and Critical Theory
Housing urbanism; urban development, contested urbanism, socio-spatial dialectics, design and urban transformations, and shelter and housing reconstruction in geographies of the global south.

Ben Campkin

  • Professor of History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism
Histories, theories and practices of urbanism and urbanisation; transdisciplinary urbanism and experimental methods of urban research, publication and public engagement; urban night spaces, cultures and governance; London’s history and built environment; contemporary urban policy and practice in London; queer space, architecture and architectural histories; heritage associated with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer populations.

Ellie Cosgrave

  • Lecturer in Urban Innovation and Co-Director of UCL Urban Innovation and Policy Laboratory
Feminist cities; urban and local governance; city leadership; engineering design; smart cities; sustainable urban environments; choreographing the city.

Andrew Harris

  • Senior Lecturer in Geography and Urban Studies
  • (On sabattical until Jan 2021)
    Art, space and the city; creative cities; gentrification; urban infrastructure; vertical urbanism.

    Jennifer Robinson

    • Chair of Human Geography
    South Africa, including studies of segregation and state power; the politics of urban development; comparative urbanism; city strategies and the circulation of urban policy.
    Steering Committee

    Yasminah Beebeejaun

    • Senior Lecturer in Urban Planning
    Race and territorialisation, decision-making processes, community organising, nationhood debates, colonisalism

    Sarah Bell

    • Professor of Environment Engineering
    Sustainability of urban water systems, particularly social and policy factors as they relate to engineering; community engagement with engineering and infrastructure provision

    Claire Colomb

    • Professor of Urban Studies and Planning

    Urban governance, policies and politics, European spatial planning, and urban sociology


    Ava Fatah gen. Schieck

    • Reader in Media Architecture and Urban Digital Interaction
    Architecture and Interaction Design; Ubiquitous Computing and Urban Design; digital media technologies

    Kalliopi Fouseki

    • Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Heritage
    Museology, cultural heritage, anthropology, reception studies, heritage management and public archaeology

    Mark Frost

    • Associate Professor of Public History
    Singapore; public histories; war remembrance, European colonialism

    Haidy Geismar

    • Professor of Anthropology
    Intellectual and cultural property, indigenous rights, new forms of cultural representation, the anthropology of art, critical museology and the South Pacific

    Rodney Harrison

    • Professor of Heritage Studies

    Anthropocene, anthropology, archaeology, climate change, decolonisation, heritage and museum studies, sustainable development

    Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou

    • Lecturer in Social Theory
    Political sociology, nationalism studies, radical imagination and speculative futures, financialisation, risk and debt practices, housing movements

    Susanne Kuechler

    • Professor of Art and Anthropology
    Art and memory, material translation, new materials and new technologies, sustainable development

    Barbara Lipietz

    • Associate Professor in Development Planning
    Urban governance, participatory governance and planning through co-production; circulation and localisation of public policy; anti-poverty strategies; inclusive cities and the 'right to the city', sustainable cities, resilient cities; housing policy, slum upgrading practices, urban regeneration

    Susan Moore

    • Senior Lecturer in Planning
    Sustainable urban development processes and practices; Relational geographies of urban (and suburban) development and built form

    Michał Murawski

    • Assistant Professor in Critical Area Studies
    Architecture and planning of Eastern European communism; social condensers; Warsaw and Moscow;  curatorial and art practice methodologies

    Florian Mussgnug

    • Reader in Italian and Comparative Literature
    Catastrophe and apocalypse in comparative literature, including climate change fiction, cold war culture and existential risk; Rome

    James O'Leary

    • Associate Professor in Architecture
    Contemporary Art & Architecture; Situated Practice; Narrative Environments; Urban Memory; Contested Space; Belfast Peacewalls

    Gabriele Manoli

    • Lecturer in Environmental Engineering
    Ecohydrology; cities-biosphere interactions; urban green spaces; mathematical modelling

    Kieren Reed

    • Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
    Sculpture, performance, installation, public art, culture-led regeneration

    Katherine Saunders-Hastings

    • Lecturer in Latin American Studies
    Violence; (in)security; illicit economies; citizenship; governance in Latin American cities

    Rafael Schacter

    • Research Fellow in Anthropology
    Independent public art; street art and graffiti; visual culture; vernacular art; popular politics; public sphere; anthropology of art; material culture

    Pablo Sendra

    • Lecturer in Planning and Urban Design
    Social housing; community-led regeneration; co-design and collaborative planning processes; activism and grassroots initiatives; self-organisation, citizen-led and informal urban practices; public space; urban design, inclusivity and social interaction; social infrastructure

    Helena Titheridge

    • Professor of Mobility and Sustainable Transport
    Sustainable systems, transport planning

    Patrick White

    • Teaching Fellow in Print and Electronic Media
    Print and electronic media; sound
    Artists in Residence and Creative Fellows
    Research Fellow
    Alessio Kolioulis
    Lo Marshall
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