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We produce a variety of books, reports, papers, briefings and other media outputs exploring the urban dimension from multiple perspectives.
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All publications

View upcoming and recently published papers from UCL academics associated with the Urban Laboratory.

Teach-out at UCL Anthropology during 2018 UCU industrial action


Short articles and event reports written by students and staff associated with the Urban Laboratory.

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Key titles published by the Urban Laboratory and those from our academic staff.

Melz performing at Performance Lab: Cities Imaginaries event on 17 May 2019 at the Bloomsbury Theatre Studio


Flick through images from selected events organised by the Urban Laboratory.

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Listen to event recordings alongside specially commissioned audio content.

LGBTQ+ nightlife in London research visual idenity


Working papers, policy briefs, and other reports published by the Urban Laboratory.

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Urban Pamphleteer

Regular series of publications that confront key contemporary urban questions from diverse perspectives.

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View recordings of selected events from the Urban Laboratory alongside specially commissioned video content.

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