UCL Urban Laboratory


Urban Pamphleteer

Urban Pamphleteer is a series of publications produced by the UCL Urban Laboratory that confront key contemporary urban questions from diverse perspective

Written in a direct and accessible tone, the intention of these pamphlets is to draw on the history of radical pamphleteering to stimulate debate and instigate change.

Issues are distributed for free in print and online. PDF issues can be accessed via donations on the Urban Pamphleteer website.

The series editors are Ben Campkin and Rebecca Ross, with design by Guglielmo Rossi. You can follow @UrbanPamphlet on Twitter.

Please visit the website for further information and access to the issues: urbanpamphleteer.org.


Urban Pamphleteer #1: Future & Smart Cities (April 2013), addresses recent 'Future & Smart Cities' discourse, asking 'What objectives and principles should shape this field beyond enthusiasm for technological progress for its own sake?'.

Urban Pamphleteer #2: Regeneration Realities (December 2013), features analyses of regeneration, practical case studies and ideas that address questions such as "Is it possible to reclaim and rethink regeneration as a concept and set of practices?".

Urban Pamphleteer #3: Design & Trust (September 2014), asks what the consequences are of prioritising defence and security as a first principle in design - an issue that has recently fired up the news agenda in public campaigns to remove 'anti-homeless' spikes and critiques of so-called 'hostile architecture' in public spaces.

Urban Pamphleteer #4: Heritage & Renewal in Doha (November 2014), interrogates the contradictory ways that heritage features in the rapid contemporary redevelopment of Doha through the microcosm of its Al-Asmakh neighbourhood.

Urban Pamphleteer #5: Global Education for Urban Futures (September 2015), aims to stimulate a critical discussion about the future of higher education focused on cities and urbanisation.

Urban Pamphleteer #6: Open-source Housing Crisis (November 2016) interrogates new ways of approaching London's rapidly escalating housing crisis, through open-source methods.

Urban Pamphleteer #7: LGBTQ+ Night-time Spaces: Past, Present & Future (July 2018) gathers perspectives, provocations and vignettes on London's LGBTQ+ night-time spaces, past, present and future, with a focus on the different tactics being used to queer night-space.