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Support for markers on AssessmentUCL

9 May 2022

Where you can find training and support for marking in AssessmentUCL.

Staff or student on laptop

With the Central Assessment Period underway, we’re sharing a reminder of where you can find training and support for marking in AssessmentUCL.

There are several ways to get help with marking AssessmentUCL submissions:

Please share these options with any external markers who will be using AssessmentUCL.

If you need help during an assessment

Options for where staff can direct queries or technical issues during the delivery of online assessments on the AssessmentUCL platform.

If a student is looking for support on using AssessmentUCL, please direct them to our Support during your assessment (students) page.

What we've said to students during assessments 

If you want to know what we're saying to students during assessments, visit the 2021-22 assessment communications archive. 

The key messages to stress to students during the assessment period remain:

  • Allow yourself sufficient time to upload your assessment (where required) and ensure you submit your assessment on time, by the deadline you see in AssessmentUCL. Visit our tips for managing yourself and your time
  • Complete the AssessmentUCL practice assessments to get familiar with the platform before you need to sit a real assessment. 
  • Visit our Checklist for success for more tips on how to prepare for central assessments.