Support during your assessment

Where you can find support if you have difficulty accessing or completing your online assessments on the AssessmentUCL platform.

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Support options 

Please use the guidance below to identify the correct channel for your query or issue.

Before your assessment

  • For general queries about assessment, such as being assigned to the wrong assessment instance, contact the UCL Central Assessment Team via askUCL.

During your assessment

  • For issues relating to the content of the assessment itself, such as an error in a question or rubric, submit an Assessment Query Form stating the issues and any assumptions you have made in your answers. Note that you will not receive a response to your reported issues during the assessment, but issues that are upheld will be taken account of by the examiners when marking your assessment. 
  • For technical issues, such as problems with file uploads or submission:
    • If there are more than 30 minutes remaining in your assessment window, use the self-service query form on Remedyforce.         
    • If there are 30 minutes or less remaining in your assessment window, contact the IT Service Desk on 020 7679 5000 or at servicedesk@ucl.ac.uk.
    • If you were unable to submit through AssessmentUCL and the assessment window has now closed, submit an Assessment Query Form
  • For issues relating to Extenuating Circumstances, such as becoming unwell during an assessment, you should follow the Extenuating Circumstances procedure. Submit your request as soon as possible and no later than one week after the extenuating circumstance has taken place.

After your assessment

You should NOT contact your Department, tutors, or any other inbox with these queries. For a query to be noted alongside your exam response, it must come through an Assessment Query Form

If there is a problem with AssessmentUCL

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with AssessmentUCL and it is unavailable for a period of time during the central assessment period, we have critical incident response plans in place to ensure we can deal with any issues quickly and reduce the impact on you. 

For an outage, we will contact all students and departments with an impacted assessment. We will also post updates on this webpage.

Please note an impacted assessment is defined as an assessment that is either in progress during the outage, due to start during the outage or an assignment with a submission deadline during the outage. 

Useful links

For guidance on how to use AssessmentUCL please visit the AssessmentUCL step-by-step guides.