Central Assessments: Checklist for success

A checklist of steps you should take before and during any assessments on AssessmentUCL to ensure you are set up for success.

There is a lot of information to remember to ensure your assessments go smoothly. Alongside your revision preparation, below is a checklist of important steps you should take before and during any assessment on AssessmentUCL, to help you avoid any last minute stresses or technical problems.

Taking these actions will mean you can give your full time and attention on assessment day to demonstrating your subject knowledge and skills.    

Before assessment day

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Read the assessment regulations. 

The regulations for your assessment are based on the assessment type (controlled condition exam, take-home paper, coursework etc.). You should familiarise yourself with the regulations for your assessment in advance.  

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Understand the importance of Academic Integrity.  

Understanding Academic Integrity and demonstrating good academic practice is an important part of preparing for your assessments. Complete the Understanding Academic Integrity online course to help you understand and demonstrate good academic practice.   

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Read the AssessmentUCL guidance.  

The AssessmentUCL student guide tells you how to use the digital assessment platform used for all centrally-managed assessments.  

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Complete the three AssessmentUCL practice assessments.  

If you are registered for an assessment on AssessmentUCL, make sure you complete the three practice assessments on the platform before your assessments start, using the device and browser that you intend to use for your assessment. Instructions for accessing and completing practice assessments are on the Exams and Assessments website.   

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Check the start time and duration of your assessment. 

Remember, the times shown on your Central Assessment Timetable are in UK time which will be BST (UTC+1). If you're sitting papers on AssessmentUCL, the times shown when you log into AssessmentUCL will be in your local time according to your device settings.   Don't forget to check your assessment deadlines for ANY OTHER assessments and add all to your calander to create a full study plan.

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Plan how you will manage yourself and your time. 

Read our tips for staying calm and planning your time to ensure you can answer all questions in an assessment. 

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Check your UCL username and password - are they about to expire? 

You will need your UCL username and password to log on to AssessmentUCL. If you think that your password might be due to expire during the assessment period, you should change it now. Further information on managing your password can be found on the ISD website.  

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Plan where you will complete your assessments. 

Try to find a quiet space, free from interruptions, with:  

  • a desk and comfortable chair;  
  • adequate lighting;  
  • an internet-connected computer with Microsoft Word (or equivalent) and the ability to convert documents to PDF;  
  • heating or cooling depending on the weather where you are.  

If you do not have a suitable space at or nearby your home, check where you can take an online assessment on campus.

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Organise any materials you will need in advance.  

Your revision should help you identify key resources that you plan to consult during the exam – have these books, articles or notes to hand, internet tabs open and documents organised in a manageable folder structure so you’re not frantically trying to find a misplaced quote!  

Do you need a camera to upload written responses? Make sure your phone is charged and has the relevant app downloaded in advance. See our FAQ on how to upload handwritten answers to AssessmentUCL.  

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Check your browser.

Not all browsers are supported in AssessmentUCL. When using this platform, you will be unable to submit your assessment without the right browser. View recommended browser and device settings for AssessmentUCL. You can also check in advance if your browser is compatible by completing a practice assessment in AssessmentUCL now. 

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Download MS office suite and practice completing a PDF upload 

If your assessment will require you to complete a PDF upload, we also recommend that you view our guidance on completing a PDF upload and practice this process.

When completing PDF upload assessments, you should NOT use third-party or online 'Word to PDF' converters (i.e. WPS Office). We recommend that you download Microsoft Office suite (free to download here for all UCL students) to use when completing your answer documents offline (where applicable) so that you prevent unforeseen issues with your submission. 

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Check your assessment upload requirements and practice the upload process that you will use on the day. 

The assessment instructions will include upload requirements. For most assessments, you will need to ensure that all the work that you wish to be considered is combined into one PDF document. If the assessment has different requirements, these will be explained in the instructions.     

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Reduce connectivity issues.

To reduce the risk of connectivity issues while taking assessments on the platform, please ensure that;  

  • You have disabled any browser plugins (such as adblockers)  
  • You are not logged onto a VPN  
  • You have closed background programmes.  

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Contact a Student Advisor if you need support: 

If you find yourself struggling ahead of or during the assessment period, please get help! Student Support and Wellbeing are here if you have any issues with your health, disability or wellbeing - you can easily make a free appointment to speak to a member of our caring team. 

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On assessment day

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Don’t forget drinking water and snacks, etc.  

This is a marathon, not a sprint so make sure you’re well hydrated and have enough (healthy!) food to keep you focused throughout your assessment.  

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Find your candidate number and keep it nearby.  

Your candidate number is automatically entered on your paper in any assessments you take on AssessmentUCL. However, you will need to enter your candidate number on the Assessment Query Form if you have any problems with your paper or experience technical issues uploading your response. You’ll also need this number for your other department assessments, so if you don’t know it already, make a note of it from Portico or your timetable. 

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Know your word count. 

Check your assessment paper and your module’s Moodle area carefully for instructions on any minimum or maximum answer length you must comply with.    

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Submit your assessment on time. 

It is essential that you upload and submit your assessment and coversheet (where required) by the deadline shown in AssessmentUCL. For Controlled Condition Exams, you will not be able to submit after the deadline. For other types of assessment, late submissions are subject to penalties. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to upload and submit your work.  

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Request a submission receipt.  

You can request a receipt when you submit it on AssessmentUCL.  

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When assessments are finished  

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Make a note of results day.

Your official results will be published on Portico on results day on 7 July 2022. You may receive messages with provisional results or feedback on AssessmentUCL the day before results day - remember that these are provisional only.

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Manage any worries.

Whether it was just one assessment or many, tiredness and worry can be normal after you're finished. We share some steps you can take to help you better manage your thoughts to find balance while you wait for your results.

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