Practice assessments

We strongly encourage you to complete the demo flows on WISEflow to familarise yourself with the online submission process before any deadlines or exam days.

When you log into WISEflow, you will see a button on the bottom of the screen labelled Demo Flows (on WISEflow, assessments are called 'flows'). 

Each one allows you to practice a different assessment format, from uploading and submitting a PDF or multimedia file to answering interactive questions directly within the platform.

We advise you to practice each assessment type by following the instructions below:

How to complete your practice assessments

  • Go to the WISEflow website and select the login ‘eduGAIN’ button to be taken to the UCL sign in page.
  • Log in using your UCL username and password.
  • On the Your Overview page, scroll down to the 'Demo Flow'.
  • For more information on using WISEflow, please see the tips for using WISEflow

For more detailed instructions with screenshots, see the student guide on AsssementUCL (UCL's branding of the WISEflow platform)

Reminder: this guidance is for assessments taking place on WISEflow only. Your department will give you guidance for all other assessments taking place on other platforms.

Please note that your submission will be monitored by the Central Assessments Team but will not be shared with or submitted to your department.