Practice assessments

We strongly encourage you to complete the three practice assessments to get familiar with our online platform, AssessmentUCL, before any deadlines or exam days.

When you log in to AssessmentUCL, you will see links called Practice Assessment. There are three instances and your assessments may be in one of those formats. Each one allows you to practice a different assessment format: 

  •  Multimedia: where an assessment requires a large or non-PDF file submission. 
  • Practice Online Assessment: where the answers to the questions are entered directly into AssessmentUCL. You may also be asked to upload handwritten or other file types.  
  • Practice Written Assessment:  where you are required to write your assessment in a document offline, convert it to PDF and upload into AssessmentUCL. This is the most common assessment format.  

You may be required to use a combination of these different formats during the assessment period, so we strongly advise you to practice ALL three using the devices and browser intend to use on your actual assessment day.  

We advise you to practice on ALL three. This will be your chance to familiarise yourself with the platform and all the steps that will be required of you on your assessment and/or exam day.

It is essential that you engage in this practice environment to ensure you are fully prepared for your assessments. We advise you to complete the practice assessment with any devices you may use for your assessment, to avoid any complications on the day.

 Instructions to complete your practice assessments

  • Go to AssessmentUCL and select the login ‘eduGAIN’ button to be taken to the UCL sign in page.
  • Log in using your UCL username and password.
  • On the Your Overview page you should see three  ‘Practice Assessments':  Click on one of these links, not the link called 'Demo Flow'.
  • Please read the guidance before completing and submitting your practice assessment.
  • You will be able to upload your paper, complete the cover sheet,  where applicable, and submit your practice assessment using the options on the bottom half of the page.

For more detailed instructions with screenshots, see the  AssessmentUCL Student guide

Reminder: this guidance is for assessments taking place on AssessmentUCL only . Your department will give you guidance for all other assessments taking place on other platforms.

Please note that your submission will be monitored by the Central Assessments Team but will not be shared with or submitted to your department.