UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


TapB Team Members


Akshay Mohan - Tissue Collection Officer

Akshay Mohan completed his MSc in Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine at UCL, where his thesis focused on the use of artificial HIF stabilisers to promote wound healing through VEGF production. Akshay works as a Tissue Collection Officer at TAPb where his role mainly includes patient recruitment and data handling for clinical research.

Amir Gander - Director

Amir completed his BSc in Molecular Biology at University College London in 2006, and went on to complete his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the same; working on a medical device to treat acute liver failure.  Amir next spent time at GSK as a Biotech Development Scientist, before returning to University College London in 2011 to found and direct TAPb.  Under his leadership, the unit has made over 16,000 human biological samples available to researchers.

Aziza Turghunova - Tissue Collection Officer

Aziza has graduated a nursing college back in her home country, Uzbekistan, where she had acquired a passion for looking after people. Enthusiastic and  responsible member of staff, who had worked for Royal Free Hospital’s Phlebotomy and Cannulation Department for almost 10 years, before joining UCL’s research team.

Carolina Ramos - Laboratory Manager

Carolina completed her PhD in Regenerative Medicine at UCL in 2020. Her research focused in HIF mimicking biomaterials for chronic wound healing.  Previously, she obtained her MSc in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering at UCL and her BSc in Electromedical Engineering at Universidad La Salle in Mexico. She is currently working at TapB UCL-NHS in the response to COVID-19 as a tissue access coordinator and research associate. She has previously worked as a Teaching Fellow at the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at UCL and the director of BSc in Biomedical Engineering at UACH in Mexico. Along with her research interests, she is also keen on evidence-based policymaking and clinical trials. 

Craig Macpherson - Operations Director

Craig Macpherson completed his BSc in ecology at Edinburgh University, having submitted his thesis on the impact of wind turbines in Scotland in 2004.  He went on to work for Microsoft in eCommerce until 2009, before starting his own consumer genetics eCommerce business which still operates today.  Craig is the Operations Director at TAPb where he’s responsible for the operational, commercial and financial aspects of the unit.

Diana Kateregga - Research Assistant

Diana Kateregga completed an accredited Biomedical Science degree. I was able to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise needed when working in a Medical Laboratory or clinic, as a current member of the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), and I continually gain scientific knowledge and information for compliance from NIHR. Went on to work in different hospital clinic settings at several hospitals, as a Nursing Assistant, Medical Lab Assistant, Phlebotomy and Cannulation, Clinical Practitioner, and currently as a Research Assistant.  

Komal Ramsahye - Tissue Collection Officer

Komal Ramsahye completed his MSc at UCL in Nanotechnology & Regenerative medicine with his thesis pertaining to the generation of muscle progenitors from induced pluripotent stem cells in 2018. Currently he holds two posts in the NHS as an organ transplant perfusionist; and a tissue collection officer at TAPb, where he facilitates the collection of blood samples on the wards and collates data for the unit. Komal is also working on repurposing a particular drug for treating COVID in collaboration with other medics at the Royal Free. In his spare time Komal enjoys playing tennis and is an avid street dancer having recently performed in 2019’s Mr & Miss Philippines UK. Komal aspires to study medicine in the near future, with the ambition of becoming an academic clinician.

Kyra Fraser - Tissue Collection Officer

Kyra Fraser studied Human Physiology at the University of Liverpool before moving back to London and completing her research masters in Reproductive Science and Women’s Health at UCL. At TAPb, she obtains consent from patients for resected tissues to be used for research and works closely with surgical and pathology teams to collect, process and ship samples to various researchers. During the pandemic, Kyra has been collecting and collating clinical data as well as helping to collect blood samples directly from Covid-19 positive patients. Kyra also works for the National Organ Retrieval service as a Perfusionist and as Research Associate for the fertility start-up company Hertility Health Limited.

Natalie Getreu - Portfolio Manager

Natalie Getreu completed her BSc at Monash University in Australia. She came to London to study her Masters in Reproductive Science & Women’s health and then went on to do a PhD in fertility preservation. Natalie is Portfolio Manager at TAPb responsible for ethics, governance and portfolio adoption. 

Nathan Griffiths - Director

Nathan completed his PhD at Cardiff University in 2000, investigating the use of Living Biological Cells in 2D and advanced 3D models in drug discovery. Together with his PhD supervisor, he co-founded a Life Science Company taking up the joint positions of Chief Scientific Officer and Commercial Director. He subsequently established 3-further Life Science Companies and now works with TAPb as well as other Hospital Trusts to streamline ethical access to Human biological samples and help maximise the opportunity and research impact that access to such HBS permits.      

Stephanie Bogan - Tissue Collection Officer

Stephanie Bogan graduated from University College Cork in 2011 with a BSc. (Hons) in Neuroscience before completing a MSc. in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Westminster. She then went on to work as Laboratory Manager of the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at UCL until 2017, where her work focused on the analysis of biomaterials and their application in regenerative medicine and tissue-engineering. She is currently reading for a degree in Medicine at King's College London. Alongside this, she is an Organ Preservation Practitioner with the NHS National Organ Retrieval Service at the Royal Free London Hospital. Stephanie has worked with TAPb since 2014 as a Tissue Collection Officer; in her patient-facing role, she consents patients to projects and collates associated clinical data.