Objective 5

Objective 5 seeks to ensure support for disabled students or those affected by health and wellbeing difficulties is personalised and the adjustments are effective.

Some students need additional support to reach their full potential and thrive at UCL. Student Support and Wellbeing deliver student-led, personalised and timely adjustments to the learning and living environments to best meet student needs and access requirements.

Objective leads: Natalie Humphrey (SSW) and Neal Hickey (Students' Union UCL).

Action 5A

Make sure that disabled students can thrive at UCL. Emphasise a caring community where there is no stigma to disclosing disability and health/wellbeing difficulties. Meet disclosures with consistent and timely support.

Action 5B

Deliver excellent student support to all those who are in contact with Student Support and Wellbeing services. Offer a sensitive, personalised and empowering approach to student support. Maintain integrity to foster a culture of trust and willingness to engage.

Action 5C

Continue to embed an inclusive learning and living environment for all, thereby reducing the number of individual adjustments required.

Action 5D

Offer a personalised approach to student health and wellbeing support by making available a range of interventions to meet individual needs. Interventions include (but are not limited to): awareness-raising and prevention; information, signposting and advice; reasonable adjustments; mental health mentoring; personal tutoring; and external referrals.

Action 5E

Effect service efficiency and provide clear, quick and appropriate follow-ups to student appointments and further referrals. Offer dedicated support to students taking or returning from interruption of study and those considering leaving UCL due to health and wellbeing reasons.

Action 5F

Expand the network of partner and affiliated external organisations. Offer effective signposting and direct referrals to specialist support for a range of issues, such as domestic and sexual violence and dedicated LGBT+ support.

Action 5G

Continue to integrate the student support provision in UCL’s student residences into the Student Support and Wellbeing department’s activities. This ensures consistent and co-ordinated specialist support for students in both their learning and living environments.

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