Objective 1

Objective 1 of the Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2019-21 seeks to establish a whole-university approach to student health and wellbeing.

A whole-university approach to student health and wellbeing requires that UCL’s senior leadership, academic units, professional services departments, the Students’ Union and students themselves share responsibility, get involved and contribute to the process.

UCL’s senior leadership recognises that the university has a duty of care for its students and staff and seeks to go beyond that to be the best in the sector.

Objective leads: Denise Long (SSW) and Alex McKee (Students' Union UCL).

Action 1A

Establish a Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy Group to have oversight of the strategy and responsibility for its implementation. Members of the Group include key stakeholders from across UCL, the Students’ Union and students, together with external partners. The Group is co-chaired by representatives from UCL and Students’ Union UCL.

Action 1B

Set up a Student Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice. The Community strengthens the connections between academic units, central services and the Students’ Union, as colleagues can discuss challenges, share expertise and co-ordinate plans for enhancing the support we offer to students.

Action 1C

Develop a network of Student Advisers, who are UCL staff members based in academic departments, to act as a first point of contact for student welfare enquiries.

Action 1D

Make key concepts related to disability awareness, inclusive learning, health and wellbeing an integral part of relevant professional services staff and Personal Tutor training. Incorporate these concepts into curriculum development, design and governance.

Action 1E

Strengthen collaborative work with the Students’ Union throughout their wide range of services, in particular Project Active, student networks and student clubs and societies.

Action 1F

Expand UCL’s collaborations with other higher education institutions and voluntary organisations locally, nationally and internationally. Facilitate exchanges of expertise, research and experiences with regard to student health and wellbeing.

Action 1G

Ensure the impact on student health and wellbeing is considered in any future policies and strategies developed across UCL. Reflect on the opportunities to stimulate good health and wellbeing through the development of a sustainable built environment.

Action 1H

Engage with student feedback to enable continuous monitoring and reshaping of the support provision in line with student needs.

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