Objective 6

Objective 6 seeks to align student and staff wellbeing policies and initiatives to foster an inclusive and supportive community.

An aligned strategic approach to the health and wellbeing of both staff and student groups is required to bring about cultural change and lasting improvements since there are numerous dependencies between the two groups.

This strategy is aligned with the UCL Wellbeing Strategy (2017-2022), which primarily addresses staff wellbeing.

Objective leads: Lina Kamenova (SSW) and Danielle Swanson (Students' Union UCL).

Action 6A

Advance inclusive and supportive working, learning and living environments, where the health and wellbeing of both students and staff are equally important.

Action 6B

Enhance the ability of staff to understand difficulties they or students may be experiencing and help them to support students, colleagues and others by making dedicated mental health and suicide prevention training widely available at UCL.

Action 6C

Develop and deliver training programmes, providing staff with knowledge and skills to help them to effectively support students’ wellbeing and personal development.

Action 6D

Develop collaborative and co-ordinated approaches between student and staff support services and other relevant stakeholders to manage complex student cases.

Action 6E

Strengthen collaborative initiatives between student and staff support services to offer consistency in the approach to enhancing the wellbeing of the whole UCL community. Offer shared access to resources and facilities where possible and appropriate.

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