Here to Support You Guide

Guiding you through UCL Student Support and Wellbeing services.

What is the Here to Support You Guide?

The Here to Support You Guide is an e-booklet providing comprehensive information on all Student Support and Wellbeing services available to UCL students. Produced by the SSW department and designed for UCL students of all levels, the guide is categorised by the following sections:

  • Student Support and Wellbeing (SSW). We explain who we are and provide information about our wide range of in-person and online support services
  • Support elsewhere at UCL. In addition to SSW services, there is plenty of extra support available to you at UCL
  • Support outside of UCL. This section includes details of external organisations and services that can support your wellbeing whilst you are a student at UCL

How to use the guide

  • Read the guide to understand our support
  • Use the hyperlinks to access our webpages and services
  • Find the contact details relevant to your needs

The guide is provided as a PDF e-booklet and is available to download. You can print out the booklet using the Print @ UCL services

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