Show me the money! How to make sure you get your funding on time

3 December 2020

Find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions around the start of term regarding loans, scholarships, studentships, and bursaries.

show me money

Starting university can be a hectic time. Something you don’t want to be stressing about is your finances and when that Student Finance or stipend money is going to reach your account.

The Student Funding Team aim to make your financial transition into university a smooth one. Whilst managing all UCL scholarships and bursaries, they also provide money advice and financial support to students who are worried about their finances or struggling to meet their costs.

Here are their answers to some of the most frequently asked questions around the start of term.


If you’ve got a scholarship, well done you! Take care with how you spend it and your time at university could be money-worry free. In order to receive your scholarship, make sure you have entered your bank details on Portico. To do this:

  • Log into Portico

  • Go to the My Money section

  • Select View/update your bank details

  • Enter them under the Studentship Stipend heading

Student Loans

Where’s my student loan?

If you are getting a tuition fee loan to cover you fees, then you should receive your first maintenance instalment 3-5 working days after you have fully enrolled. 

If this hasn't happened, log in to your Student Finance account and make sure your bank details are up to date.

If it has been five working days since you enrolled, your bank details are up to date but you still haven't been paid, contact Student Finance or the Student Funding team via askUCL who may be able to help.

PhD Studentships

When will I receive my first PhD stipend payment?               

Your first PhD stipend payment will be made either 10 working days from the date you enrol OR within 10 working days of you receiving your UCL studentship confirmation email – whichever is later. Please make sure you have entered your bank details on Portico as otherwise payment will not be made. More information on Studentship payments can be found here.

US Loans

I have completed my FAFSA application but have not received any further information about my loan.

You need to send in your application pack. See instructions on how to do that here.    

PGCE Bursaries

When do I get my PGCE Bursary?

If you are fully enrolled, and you have completed all the actions detailed on your bursary award email (including entering your bank details on Portico), your payment will be on 5th October.  FAQs on bursary payments can be found here.

Delays in payment

My payment has been delayed but I urgently need to pay a bill. Help!

If your payment from SLC, scholarship, stipend, or bursary has been delayed and you are in desperate need of funds you may be able to get an Emergency Loan to help cover your costs.

If you’ve got a money issue that isn’t mentioned here, contact Student Funding via askUCL who may be able to help.

Last revised: 8 September 2021

Katy Foster, Student Funding Welfare Officer, UCL Student Funding